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  • AI in Business: Preparing Leaders For The Revolution

    AI in Business is a present reality! It’s a building revolution that is all-encompassing and is redefining business operations. You have only two options. Either ride on the crest of this wave or get submerged if not prepared!  How can you become AI-ready? In this blog, we aim to clarify pertinent questions a business leader The post AI in Business: Preparing Leaders For The Revolution appeared first on Fingent.

  • Business Intelligence in Financial Services: Unlocking Data-Driven Success

    Business Intelligence in Financial Services is proving to be a game changer. Business intelligence is a novel technology backed by AI. It is a combination of strategies and processes. Simply put, BI collects, cleans, formats, and analyzes data. No big deal? Think again! In a world that is ruled by data, this is a superpower.  The post Business Intelligence in Financial Services: Unlocking Data-Driven Success appeared first on Fingent.

  • AI in Healthcare: Enhancing Patient Outcomes and Experience

    Artificial Intelligence is a multi-talented assistant and has proven its worth in the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations have found innumerable ways to use AI, from record maintenance to patient assistance. It has completely reshaped how doctors diagnose, treat, and monitor their patients. It is also capable of drastically improving research methods, which leads to unmatched The post AI in Healthcare: Enhancing Patient Outcomes and Experience appeared first on Fingent.

  • The Role of AI in Supply Chain and Logistics

    Maximize productivity and minimize uncertainty! That’s what Artificial Intelligence promises the Supply Chain and Logistics industry. The fragility of the supply chain is not unknown to industries. Delays, stoppages, and complexities in the supply chain are a few limitations businesses are striving to overcome. Operational efficiency, intelligent decision-making, and continuous improvement must be maximized. Thankfully, The post The Role of AI in Supply Chain and Logistics appeared first on Fingent.

  • Custom Payment Processing Solution: A Game Changer For Your Business

    How can a custom payment processing solution change your business? The benefits are many: streamlined payment processes, safe transactions, easy fraud detection, and better customer experience. However, you might wonder why choose a customized solution when ready-made software can easily fetch these advantages. Tailor-built applications can do more! They offer seamless integrations, personalization, scalability, and The post Custom Payment Processing Solution: A Game Changer For Your Business appeared first on Fingent.

  • AI in Financial Services: Use Cases and Applications

    Achieving perfection is no easy process. It is not impossible either. It takes a lot of effort and hard work but with the help of Artificial Intelligence, this process can become a lot smoother. AI has undoubtedly proved itself in innumerable industries, and the financial market is no different.  With AI, Financial sectors are seeing The post AI in Financial Services: Use Cases and Applications appeared first on Fingent.

  • A Leader’s Blueprint for AI Success

    How Are Businesses Using AI? The verdict is crystal clear—leaders today must embrace AI solutions to stay ahead of the curve and survive in the rapidly evolving business landscape. AI can be like a GPS navigation system that guides you through unfamiliar roads. From predicting market changes to automating operations and bringing intelligent services, AI The post A Leader’s Blueprint for AI Success appeared first on Fingent.

  • Enterprise Application Modernization: A Top Priority For Businesses in 2024

    Enterprise Application Modernization is a critical need in a rapidly evolving digital world.  Application Modernization helps drive smart decisions and efficient processes. It also offers businesses a competitive edge. Organizations achieve many digital transformation goals through modernization projects. Application Modernization may be the only way to overcome handicaps baked into existing software that has become The post Enterprise Application Modernization: A Top Priority For Businesses in 2024 appeared first on Fingent.

  • Stepping The AI Revolution with Applied AI

    It is surprising to see how much technology has evolved and the great impact that Artificial Intelligence has on this dramatic growth. During times of great evolution, it becomes vital to swiftly adapt to the change. Otherwise, you will find yourself lost in a sea of unfamiliarity.  Today, we see the practical application of AI The post Stepping The AI Revolution with Applied AI appeared first on Fingent.

  • Why Are Leading Businesses Prioritizing Application Modernization

    The world of technology is evolving at a fast pace, with newly emerging advanced applications almost every day. With the significant growth of technology, we can also witness the transition of companies from legacy systems to modern systems. That is what gives your business true agility.  Application modernization assists companies in eliminating needless operating costs, The post Why Are Leading Businesses Prioritizing Application Modernization appeared first on Fingent.

    • Navigating the Challenges of Cloud Cost Optimization

      Businesses of all sizes, today, are flocking to the cloud. The cloud offers flexibility, scalability, and a myriad of services that can transform how companies operate. However, with great power comes great responsibility – and potentially great costs. Navigating cloud cost optimization can be a daunting task, but don’t worry! We’re here to simplify it

    • 8 Reasons Why Customers Choose Oracle Cloud HCM

      Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) has emerged as a leading choice for organizations seeking to modernize their HR operations. With its comprehensive suite of tools and features, it offers a wealth of benefits that make it a preferred solution for managing human resources in the cloud. In this blog, we explore Oracle Human Capital Management,

    • Choosing between Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle HRMS (Oracle E-Business Suite)?

      In today’s fast-paced business environment, organizations are constantly looking for ways to streamline their human resource processes and enhance employee management. Oracle, a leading technology company, offers two popular solutions for human capital management: Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle HRMS (Oracle EBS). While both systems serve similar purposes, there are significant differences between them. With

    • Streamline business processes with enterprise application integration

      Enterprise applications have undergone tremendous evolution over the last two decades. From being used as independent modules to streamline and optimize business operations, to organized integrated business solutions and now shifting the entire business operation to the cloud, enterprise applications have effectively helped businesses grow exponentially. With this article, we will help you understand the

    • Benefits of 5G technology and its influence on your business

      5G technology is here to radically change the world order. The wireless 5G technology comes with the primary aim to reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption in the telecom industry, besides providing high speed data for new age communication. Although, efforts are on to build robust 5G networks and launch the infrastructure, most individuals and

    • Database DevOps – an emerging concept of the DevOps methodology

      The latest industry survey shows that 52% of organizations have already adopted a DevOps approach. DevOps is transforming the software delivery process by using data-driven processes to gain continuous insights into all your workloads. However, teams are missing out an important aspect of the process: the database. Let us discover how database DevOps can simplify

    • Enterprise automation solutions boost business outcomes

      Modern businesses are growing at a fast pace… not only making technological advances but growing in terms of workforce and product lines too. This growth is fueled by several factors, but enterprise automation remains the single largest one. What is enterprise automation? And why should you consider business automation? Is it going to replace human

    • MS SQL Managed Services Support for a manufacturer

      Tech Stack The Client The Client Our client is a manufacturer of pipe products and tools for the waterworks industry, with headquarters in Bothell, WA, Seattle. It has warehouse and production facilities on the east coast, (near Charlotte, NC), and in the central region (Fort Worth, TX). They offer a line of waterworks products, including

    • Managed Services Support for government organization

      Tech Stack The Client The Client This client is an organization created and run by the Government of India along with the state Governments. It

    • Disruption Proof Supply Chain: Empower your Supply Chain with Planning in a Box

      We met several supply chain and manufacturing leaders at Google’s Houston office last week. One of the burning questions in the room was, “How do we tackle disruptions?” If we look at the 2024 calendar, we had some devastating natural events.  In January, a Red Sea attack held up Tesla and Volvo car parts, bringing The post Disruption Proof Supply Chain: Empower your Supply Chain with Planning in a Box appeared first on AI/ML Solutions and Services | Premier Google Cloud Partner.

    • Handling Holiday Sales Surges with AI Agents: A 4th of July Postmortem

      Image Source The 4th of July is an exciting time for shoppers, but it can be a challenging period for businesses. With the surge in holiday demand, companies often find themselves scrambling to keep up. Predicting customer behavior becomes a guessing game, inventory levels are hard to manage, and ensuring product quality under pressure is The post Handling Holiday Sales Surges with AI Agents: A 4th of July Postmortem appeared first on AI/ML Solutions and Services | Premier Google Cloud Partner.

    • Pluto7 Launches Pi Agent, an Intelligent Assistant for Supply Chain Planning on Google Cloud with Planning in a Box

      Pluto7, a leader in AI-driven decision intelligence platforms, announces the launch of Pi Agent, an intelligent AI assistant designed to revolutionize supply chain planning through its platform, Planning in a Box. The role of demand planning is shifting from being creators of forecasts to orchestrators of information.[1] With increasing levels of planning decision automation, the The post Pluto7 Launches Pi Agent, an Intelligent Assistant for Supply Chain Planning on Google Cloud with Planning in a Box appeared first on AI/ML Solutions and Services | Premier Google Cloud Partner.

    • Introducing Pi Agent: Your AI Assistant in Supply Chain Optimization

      In supply chain management, optimizing performance revolves around three critical levers: Complexity, Speed, and Precision, with planning scenarios that demand better decision-making. These elements form the backbone of an efficient supply chain, but their interrelationship is intricate and often challenging to balance. When you enhance one, the others tend to be inversely affected. Understanding this The post Introducing Pi Agent: Your AI Assistant in Supply Chain Optimization appeared first on AI/ML Solutions and Services | Premier Google Cloud Partner.

    • Modernizing Retail Analytics with Intelligent AI Platforms

      Image Source Data is growing faster than ever, and we’re drowning in it. Every company generates huge amounts of data daily, from customer interactions to IoT devices. It’s like having a firehose of information turned on full blast, which can be overwhelming. How do you manage all this data? How do you turn it into The post Modernizing Retail Analytics with Intelligent AI Platforms appeared first on AI/ML Solutions and Services | Premier Google Cloud Partner.

    • Demand Sensing Techniques: 5 Essential Google Cloud Tools to Make Your Life Easier

      Google predicts 2024 will be the year of data modernization. Earlier this year, a report from IBM highlighted a growing trend: big companies are not just experimenting with AI—they’re weaving it into the very fabric of their operations. This shift makes having a flexible data platform more crucial than ever. In the supply chain world, The post Demand Sensing Techniques: 5 Essential Google Cloud Tools to Make Your Life Easier appeared first on AI/ML Solutions and Services | Premier Google Cloud Partner.

    • Navigating the Food Supply Chain in 2024: The Biggest Challenges and How to Overcome Them

      From macroeconomic instability to natural disasters like the recent Houston storm to shifting consumer demands and fierce competition, the food and beverages industry stands at a critical juncture. These factors are converging to create an environment where traditional supply chain strategies are no longer sufficient. Companies face unprecedented pressure to maintain the quality and freshness The post Navigating the Food Supply Chain in 2024: The Biggest Challenges and How to Overcome Them appeared first on AI/ML Solutions and Services | Premier Google Cloud Partner.

    • SAP Sapphire 2024: Driving Innovation with Gen AI Agents Powered by SAP, Google Cloud, and Pluto7

      Gen AI Agents are the talk of the town in Orlando this year. Image Source If last year’s Sapphire was about embracing Generative AI, this year it is about embedding Gen AI into every layer of the data journey—from ingestion to analytics to insights. In the spirit of the Google Cloud and SAP partnership, these The post SAP Sapphire 2024: Driving Innovation with Gen AI Agents Powered by SAP, Google Cloud, and Pluto7 appeared first on AI/ML Solutions and Services | Premier Google Cloud Partner.

    • Why Your SAP Business Warehouse Requires an Imminent Upgrade and How Google Cloud & Pluto7 Can Help

      In the digital age, the ability to harness vast amounts of data swiftly and effectively is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity for survival. For businesses entrenched in SAP environments, the challenge is not just about managing data growth—it’s about transforming this data into actionable insights that drive strategic decisions and competitive superiority. This The post Why Your SAP Business Warehouse Requires an Imminent Upgrade and How Google Cloud & Pluto7 Can Help appeared first on AI/ML Solutions and Services | Premier Google Cloud Partner.

        • Supercharge Customer Journeys with Salesforce OmniStudio

          In today’s digital landscape, delivering exceptional customer experiences is paramount. Salesforce OmniStudio empowers you to create engaging, personalized, and brand-consistent interactions across all touchpoints. This blog post delves into OmniStudio, exploring its capabilities, benefits, and how you can leverage it to elevate your customer journeys. What is Salesforce OmniStudio? OmniStudio is a powerful, low-code development

        • How to Configure ServiceNow Knowledge Articles for Microsoft Search

          If you use ServiceNow as your knowledge management platform, you might want to make your knowledge articles searchable and accessible from Microsoft Search. Microsoft Search is a unified search experience that helps you find what you need across your organization, including files, sites, people, and more. By connecting your ServiceNow knowledge articles to Microsoft Search,

        • How to Configure ServiceNow Catalog Items for Microsoft Search

          If you are using ServiceNow as your IT service management platform, you might want to make your catalog items searchable in Microsoft Search. Microsoft Search is a unified search experience that helps you find what you need across your organization, including files, sites, people, and more. By connecting your ServiceNow catalog items to Microsoft Search,

        • GitHub – On-Prem Server Connectivity Using Self-Hosted Runners

          Various deployment methods, including cloud-based (e.g., CloudHub) and on-premises, are available to meet diverse infrastructure needs. GitHub, among other tools, supports versioning and code backup, while CI/CD practices automate integration and deployment processes, enhancing code quality and speeding up software delivery. GitHub Actions, an automation platform by GitHub, streamlines building, testing, and deploying software workflows

        • Capacity-Based Vendor Consolidation: A Transition Success Story – Equipping People and Processes

          Health insurers play a unique and crucial role in ensuring that people have access to affordable, high-quality care. As the stewards of sensitive data and the day-to-day face of healthcare interactions for many of their members, it is imperative that they remain adaptive and forward looking, constantly evolving to meet new requirements, expectations, and demands.

        • Your Idea Factory – Quality Innovation from Quantity

          Quality innovation is not for the weak at heart! Innovation myths may have you thinking it is for the lucky or the extremely talented – that’s not true. Pablo Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” Thomas Edison quipped, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls

        • Navigating Trust and Data in Healthcare Marketing

          In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, trust reigns supreme. As consumers increasingly rely on data to inform their decisions, the healthcare industry faces a pressing need to not only meet but exceed expectations. With disruptive forces emerging from various corners, healthcare organizations find themselves in a race to create personalized experiences that foster lasting engagement

        • 5 Obtrusive Blockers to Avoid as a Servant Leader

          We’ve all heard of servant leadership. The concept of “being a servant” to your teams and treating employees as critical individuals to be cultivated and empowered, has strong merit. However, many organizations fall short, with those at the top of the hierarchy viewing employees as interchangeable cogs in the corporate machine. Instead of diving deep

        • From Spreadsheet Chaos to Data Strategy Triumph

          Uncovering the Challenge A leading wealth and asset management firm recently sought our financial services expertise for a critical challenge. Relying on complex spreadsheets for portfolio analysis, the firm faced operational hurdles due to immense computing demands. Our Approach: Transforming Operations through Strategic Consulting Our team embraced the challenge, conducting a meticulous two-week analysis to

        • Exploring Blue Prism’s Web-Based Extension

          Empowering Automation in the Digital Era In this highly digitally connected world, companies are always looking for new and creative ways to improve efficiency, simplify procedures, and provide better customer service. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become a game-changing technology that helps businesses accelerate up operations, cut down on human error, and automate repetitive activities.

        • Mastering Blue Prism Debugging Techniques

          In the world of robotic process automation (RPA), Blue Prism stands out as a leading platform that empowers organizations to automate their business processes. While designing and developing automated solutions using Blue Prism is essential, debugging plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operation and efficient execution. This blog will explore some invaluable debugging techniques

        • Three Principles for Writing Effective Analytics Documentation

          Documentation is a crucial part of your analytics implementation. From your Solution Design Reference document to your internal wiki for all resources, making sure that you can write and edit your documentation is key to ensuring a cohesive and thorough understanding of your implementation. With effective documentation, you can: Prevent knowledge gaps among team members

        • Data-Driven Health Care: Enhancing Patient Outcomes Through Digital Engineering

          Left: Nick Jena, Vice President of Health Care and Life Sciences, Persistent Systems. Right: Madhuri Hegde, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Revvity. About Persistent Systems With more than 23,800 employees located in 21 countries, Persistent Systems (BSE & NSE: PERSISTENT) is a global services and solutions company delivering digital engineering and enterprise modernization.

        • The GenAI Blind Spot Leaders Have Now

          Given the rapid pace at which generative AI continues to advance, it’s natural to worry about the completeness of your implementation plans. To help leaders understand the potential pitfalls better, MIT Sloan Management Review interviewed AI experts and IT practitioners at the recent MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. In this first video of a two-part series,

        • Want Better GenAI Results? Try Speed Bumps

          Generative AI has vast potential to augment our work, now and in the future, but there’s a very real danger of human workers ceding too much control to machines and becoming complacent about mistakes. Maintaining a “human in the loop” is often touted as the antidote to catching errors, but MIT senior lecturer and research

        • How Grassroots Automation Speeds Digital Success

          Related Reading I. Barkin and T.H. Davenport, “Harnessing Grassroots Automation,” MIT Sloan Management Review, Sept. 11, 2023. Companies must digitize to survive — but many can’t find the developers and data scientists to do so. To keep pace, leaders are launching citizen development initiatives to harness the creativity and business acumen of their nontechnical “citizens.”

        • How Lufthansa Shapes Data-Driven Transformation Leaders

          Carolyn Geason-Beissel/MIT SMR | Getty Images   Up in the air, a modern plane generates 1 terabyte of data every 24 hours of flight. For airlines like the Lufthansa Group, this data can be used to create valuable business outcomes, from improved operational efficiency to higher customer satisfaction. On top of this rich data set,

        • How AI Changes Your Workforce

          Today’s leaders must grapple with big expectations for the impact of AI on the workforce — and an even larger amount of hype. Will AI automate away a huge number of jobs? How do companies use AI to find new talent and staff new opportunities? How do leaders use AI as part of the workforce

        • Empower Citizen Developers to Accelerate Innovation

          About HCLSoftware HCLSoftware, a division of HCLTech, develops, markets, sells, and supports software for AI and automation, data, analytics and insights, digital transformation, and enterprise security. Its solutions power millions of apps at more than 20,000 organizations, including more than half the Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies. HCLSoftware’s mission is to drive customer success

        • Our Guide to the Spring 2024 Issue

          Who Profits the Most From Generative AI? Kartik Hosanagar and Ramayya Krishnan Key Insight: A breakdown of what it takes to build and deploy a large language model shows where incumbents have the best prospects for success and where newer companies have an edge. Top Takeaways: Since the launch of ChatGPT, interest and investments in

        • Why Manufacturers Need a Phased Approach to Digital Transformation

          Alex Nabaum/theispot.com The Research The authors conducted structured interviews with more than 50 manufacturing leaders, service providers, and academics worldwide, including supply chain, manufacturing, and innovation leaders at Ralph Lauren, Schneider Electric, and Unilever. They reviewed more than 20 World Economic Forum case studies as well as comments from a metrics working group. In addition,

        • Fax and figures – automate your fax processes for maximum productivity

          Picture this: A bustling corporation with a team of employees tirelessly processing incoming faxes by hand. The sheer volume leads to significant delays—sometimes taking days or even months to manage. Staff turnover, absences, and fluctuating schedules make it a constant struggle to keep up. What’s the solution to this inefficiency? The answer: automate your fax processes  Manual fax processing simply isn’t scalable. Research shows that it takes about 90 seconds to process a single page, which means an employee can only handle 40 pages per hour. With the average entry-level clerk earning $18 per hour, the cost is approximately 45 cents per page. For high-volume needs, such as processing 100,000 pages, the labor costs skyrocket to $45,000. As your fax volumes grow, so do these costs.  Time to reimagine workflows  Faxes often contain vital data—financial information, insurance policies, or private account setups—that drive critical business operations. Automating data entry allows you to quickly, reliably, and efficiently unlock this crucial information with minimal human intervention.  Empower employees amidst the great resignation  The Great Resignation has highlighted the necessity for businesses to empower their workforce. Forbes predicts that 70% of U.S. workers plan to leave their jobs in 2023, with productivity declining at unprecedented rates as debates over returning to the office continue. HR and organizational leaders must face a hard truth: work is never going back to the way it was.  By automating data-entry tasks, employers can redeploy their workers to more mission-critical roles. Employees are more likely to stay when they feel connected to their organization and see their contributions valued.  Managing information end-to-end with fax automation  A typical fax capture workflow involves multiple stages:  Capture: Handling scanned, faxed, or emailed documents.  Quality Control: Enhancing images, rotating pages, removing blank pages, and flagging errors.  Indexing: Data entry, either manually or with semi-automated tools like rubber band or zonal OCR.  Release: Sending the processed fax to the appropriate recipient or system.  Automated capture solutions efficiently manage these stages, transforming incoming faxes into actionable data and streamlining business processes.  Unleash the power of data contained in faxes  Does your company handle high fax volumes? Automated capture solutions can streamline fax data processing, working seamlessly in the background and allowing employees to focus on more important tasks such as customer service, patient care, client management, and revenue generation.  How it works  Faxes flow directly from an input technology into the capture system. Intelligent Capture tools ingest these images, perform the capture process, and send the image and data to the correct workflow based on the document type. For your company, it’s all automated: faxes are identified and processed, with image and data outputs that enhance business speed and reduce time to revenue. Benefits include improved data quality, better information sharing, and increased accuracy with less business risk.  Gain efficiency with automation  Companies like Hawksford faced challenges with manual paper-based data processing and error-prone data entry. “It would routinely take upwards of two days before an actual bill would be available to send to a customer. The process automation capabilities of OpenText have reduced this timeline to less than two hours.” They’ve accelerated business decisions through automation and redeployed employees to more critical tasks.  Transform pixels into actionable information  Discover how automated capture solutions can transform your inbound fax data, accelerate workflow processes, and convert fax information into business-ready data.   Discover how OpenText™ will allow you to modernize operations, increase productivity, and reduce costs across all industries by automating your fax processes today and unleashing the full potential of your data.  Learn more today!  The post Fax and figures – automate your fax processes for maximum productivity appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

        • Air France-KLM lifts information management efficiency to new heights

          At Air France-KLM, we’re one of the global leaders in international air transport. Through our subsidiaries Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Transavia, we offer passenger services, cargo transport, and aircraft maintenance flights to over 300 destinations. To transport our 83 million passengers a year, it’s vital that we keep our modern fleet of 522 aircraft in top condition. Commercial aviation is one of the safest ways to travel for a very good reason; like all leading global airlines, Air France-KLM follows rigorous and tightly regulated inspection and maintenance processes for all aircraft and airside equipment. Maintaining a world-class fleet Our aircraft are made up of thousands of individual components, each of which requires planned as well as unplanned maintenance. Every asset inspection and repair we carry out is associated with documentation: maintenance manuals and tech logs, work instructions, engineering drawings, and much more. With reference to these documents, our mechanics and engineers can perform their duties safely, efficiently, and accurately. For many years, all our documents were printed on paper, and our teams relied on hundreds of thousands of hard copies to do their work. New maintenance processes and airworthiness directives are released all the time—and with so many paper copies, it was a major effort to keep our records up to date. What’s more, the cost of storing all these paper documents was climbing and climbing every year. We knew we needed a different approach. Driving digital transformation That’s where our journey with OpenText™ began. Working together, we switched from paper records to digital documents, managed securely and efficiently in OpenText™ Documentum™. For more than two decades, Documentum has acted as the single source of truth for all our maintenance and engineering content—including data from industry vendors such as Airbus, Boeing, and General Electric. Today, 15,000 employees across the business rely on data in Documentum to perform their day-to-day work. For our aircraft engineers particularly, the solution had a massive impact on efficiency. Gone are the days of leafing through filing cabinets to find vital maintenance information—today, all the information they need is right at their fingertips. They simply enter a part number into Documentum, and they can navigate to the associated records immediately. We operate in a highly regulated industry, which makes OpenText the perfect fit for our compliance needs. The solution offers a watertight audit trial for every user action, helping us to demonstrate to our regulators that we are following the proper procedures for our maintenance activities. Soaring into cloud Documentum is such an important solution for our business that we continuously invest in extending and enhancing its capabilities. Over the years, we’ve integrated Documentum with our core business systems, including SAP® ERP and Salesforce®. One of our most recent projects was deploying Documentum D2 SmartView—a modern user experience that empowers our employees with personalized workspaces that make it even faster and easier to find the data they need. With some features still pending, we continue to partner with OpenText to help drive product roadmaps. At the moment, we’re planning our next big Documentum project—a move to the cloud. By bringing the solution to Azure, we’ll unlock all the familiar benefits of cloud: easier management and maintenance, lower infrastructure costs, and tighter information security. As an early adopter, Professional Services is helping us navigate vulnerabilities as we containerize in Azure. Working with OpenText, we’re going a step further. By deploying OpenText™ Extended ECM Documentum™ for SAP® Solutions alongside Documentum on the new cloud platform, we’ll enable our users to access data from our information management system directly from their SAP applications. The post Air France-KLM lifts information management efficiency to new heights appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

        • Going green with cloud fax

          Fax machines, once ubiquitous in office environments, have long been associated with paper waste, energy consumption, and inefficiencies. However, with the advent of digital transformation, organizations are increasingly turning to cloud fax solutions to modernize their operations while embracing sustainability practices.  In today's digital age, relying on paper-based communication like traditional faxing is not just outdated—it's harmful to the planet. The massive paper waste, energy consumption, and carbon emissions from fax machines are unsustainable. But with OpenText's Cloud Fax, we're flipping the script with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.  Paperless operations: Cloud faxing eliminates the need for paper-based fax transmissions, reducing the consumption of resources such as trees, water, and energy used in paper production.  Energy efficiency: Unlike traditional fax machines that require constant power consumption, cloud fax solutions operate in energy-efficient data centers, minimizing carbon emissions and energy usage.  Reduced waste: Paper accounts for around 26% of total waste at landfills. By eliminating physical fax machines and paper waste, organizations can contribute to waste reduction efforts and promote a circular economy.  Global accessibility: Cloud faxing allows for seamless and secure communication from anywhere, reducing the need for physical transportation of documents and mitigating carbon emissions associated with transportation.  Scalability and flexibility: OpenText's cloud fax solutions offer scalability and flexibility, enabling businesses to adapt to changing needs without the constraints of physical infrastructure.  What can you do? Two words: print less. Of course, that’s far easier said than done when it comes to fax—unless you digitally transform your workflows, and then it will happen automatically. Imagine receiving faxes that are delivered direct to their recipients’ workstations or mobile devices, then printed only on demand. Imagine anti-fax-spam protocols. Imagine data from faxes being digested with optical character recognition (OCR), parsed with artificial intelligence (AI) capture, and then automatically plugged into relevant databases.  Save green while going green: Switching to digital fax solutions isn't just about saving trees—it's about saving money. These solutions cut down on consumables, save staff time, and eliminate the need for dedicated fax phone lines, paying for themselves with efficiency and savings.  By embracing digital transformation and leveraging innovative communication solutions, businesses can not only enhance their operations but also contribute positively to the environment.  Join us in creating a more sustainable and digitally empowered world, not just on Earth Day but every day. Let's make a difference together!  The post Going green with cloud fax appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

        • Elevate human potential with Cloud Editions (CE) 24.2

          We, at OpenText, lead groundbreaking digital transformations, providing our customers with essential tools to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape. Information holds unparalleled power, however, with AI, change is imperative, and success will favor those who swiftly embrace, accelerate, and reimagine work.  The next generation of innovation will be driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and firmly rooted in effective information management. This is the focal point of this week’s OpenText World Europe 2024 conference (April 15-18). If you’re not already onsite with us in London, Paris, or Munich, you can still register to join virtually.  As part of OpenText World Europe 2024, I am pleased to introduce the latest Cloud Editions (CE) 24.2. This release marks the next step in our Titanium X initiative which was first announced in 2022. Titanium X represents our strategic product roadmap to provide a common platform for consuming all OpenText software and services, delivered by CE 25.2.   With this in mind, CE 24.2 reaffirms AI as a force multiplier for human potential, enhancing our robust OpenText™ Aviator suite of AI-driven solutions. We continue to integrate cutting-edge AI directly into our products, creating solutions that are not only responsive but anticipator as we revolutionize the very essence of work. Most notable in this release, we delve into how information management plays a crucial role in powering and safeguarding data - a pre-requisite for maximizing AI’s potential to solve tomorrow’s most complex problems.   And, as always, we continue to deliver against our 90-day innovation cycles to bring advancements in our Business Clouds, Business AI, and Business Technology.  As you’ve likely seen in our announcement today, there’s always so much more to our Cloud Editions releases. Let's explore these world-class innovations further:  Innovations in OpenText Aviator  OpenText™ Aviator Platform: The metamorphic impact of AI and analytics cannot be overstated. While the productivity gains and broad benefits are limitless, the transition from a concept to integrating AI and analytics into every product and service begins with harnessing our most strategic asset – data. With this principle in mind, in CE 24.2, our OpenText Aviator platform revolutionizes the AI and eDiscovery market by refocusing attention on the crucial role of robust information management in extracting business value from data with the following innovations:  OpenText™ Core Analytics Database: Our new enterprise-level data lakehouse seamlessly combines the robustness of OpenText™ Vertica™ market-leading analytical database with the increased flexibility provided by SaaS. This scalable solution not only powers analytics at lower costs but it also has a positive environmental impact with 50% fewer servers needed.  OpenText™ Aviator Search: We have introduced a generative-AI chat user interface (UI) with referenced knowledge discovery for our unstructured data analytics solution, OpenText™ IDOL™, leveraging generative-AI and large language models (LLMs) for knowledge gathering, without replication or relocation. By smartly expanding upon foundational AI, this innovation adopts the latest in conversational capabilities so teams can access the answers they need in real-time in a far more intuitive and digestible way.   OpenText™ Axcelerate™ with Aviator: We have bolstered our flagship legal platform by embedding generative-AI capabilities to improve the summarization of key documents and concept groups for investigations and document review. As a result, legal practitioners and teams can quickly comprehend crucial content and concepts within large datasets – faster than ever – to gain a strategic advantage with the goal to ultimately work smarter.   OpenText™ DevOps Cloud Aviator: We're dedicated to supporting software engineers and testers in delivering applications swiftly and with greater ease, eliminating the need for technical jargon. To achieve this goal, we've enhanced our OpenText DevOps Cloud Aviator with an "ask me anything" smart assistant powered by AI and LLMs, and embedded with conversational search. With this tool, teams can effortlessly seek information about technical features – systems, tasks, and tests, for example - presented in user-friendly language. This minimizes risks and rework by providing developers with easily understandable and relevant feedback, valuable insights, and more, right from the start.  OpenText™ Content Aviator for Documentum: We've expanded the integration of our generative AI-powered intelligent assistant, OpenText Content Aviator, across all our Content Cloud platforms. In this release, we've strengthened OpenText™ Documentum to meet the growing demand for speed and automation, enabling users to quickly find the information they need to perform their tasks more efficiently. With an interactive, conversational interface, OpenText Content Aviator streamlines document and folder analysis, summarization, and translation, empowering teams to prioritize high-value tasks. Combining generative-AI with the information management capabilities of OpenText Documentum, ensures users receive the best and most relevant responses based on their tasks, roles, and permissions.   OpenText™ Aviator IoT: In this release, we're introducing OpenText Aviator IOT, aimed at revolutionizing autonomous supply chain networks and enhancing asset management operations for business networks. This end-to-end IoT platform, integrated into our OpenText Aviator product suite, offers a range of features tailored for forward-thinking enterprises focused on supply chain resilience.   Early features in this release include high-quality message processing and orchestration, intuitive drag-and-drop business intelligence and visualizations, and predictive AI analytics. And this is only the start.  OpenText™ Experience Aviator: We’ve transformed how enterprises engage with customers across the entire customer journey, from initial purchase to advocacy, to maximize lifetime value. To integrate AI into many of our core cloud offerings – such as OpenText™ Exstream™ (to boost personalized communications for individuals) and OpenText™ TeamSite™ (our single interface content management solution) - we've introduced OpenText Experience Aviator. This powerful platform offers a wide range of innovative generative-AI capabilities that are now accessible across various authoring environments and channels. With OpenText Experience Aviator, users can effortlessly create personalized content, leveraging generative-AI to rapidly generate relevant material to enhance content creation across different experiences and communication tools.  OpenText™ IT Operations Aviator: In this release, OpenText IT Operations Aviator strengthens our AIOps offering and enhances ITSM functions by equipping both OpenText™ Operations Bridge and OpenText™ Service Management Automation X (SMAX) with intelligent generative-AI capabilities.   OpenText Service Management Automation X (SMAX): SMAX customers can now benefit from enhanced user accessibility as service desk agents can leverage a smart, intuitive chatbot for faster issue resolution and information retrieval, regardless of their on-cloud or off-cloud work environment.   OpenText™ Operations Bridge: Our AIOps platform has been enhanced with gen-AI capabilities to facilitate more efficient IT troubleshooting and root cause identification for IT operations. Powered by a private and intelligent LLM-infused assistant, it empowers all operators and administrators to tap into the most relevant answers and solutions while ensuring data privacy.  OpenText™ Thrust Studio: CE 24.2 marks the official launch of an early access version of the OpenText Thrust Studio, a real-time digital assistant designed to provide developers with seamless and instant access to the support they need. By offering quick access to relevant code samples and API documentation within their Visual Studio environment, OpenText Thrust Studio accelerates application development, ensuring developers can work faster and smarter to meet project deadlines.  Needless to say, the way we work is changing, and OpenText is here to help keep you ahead of the curve. Are you ready to unlock the potential of AI and earn your wings? Learn more about our AI strategy and explore our suite of OpenText Aviator solutions for business and technologists at opentext.ai.  New innovations in Cloud Editions 24.2  Innovations in OpenText™ Cybersecurity Cloud  OpenText™ Cybersecurity Cloud empowers proactive organizations with thorough and timely threat intelligence, facilitating prompt risk mitigation.  In this update, we extend our support to organizations responsible for analyzing digital devices to uncover evidence of cybercrime. These organizations often encounter challenges in swiftly and accurately acquiring and analyzing evidence from diverse digital sources, including computers, cloud platforms, IoT devices, and mobile devices.  To address this, we are thrilled to introduce a pioneering artifacts-first workflow to OpenText™ EnCase, our suite of digital forensic investigation solutions. This innovative tool streamlines the investigation process, saving time and enhancing reliability in achieving accurate investigative conclusions.   By automatically organizing artifacts into easily identifiable categories via a modern workflow and user interface, investigators can quickly gain access to relevant information. Combined with the deep-dive investigative capabilities for which EnCase is well-known, digital forensic investigators for public safety, government agencies and corporate enterprises can depend on a single tool to seamlessly gain insight into their investigation, empowering them to promptly obtain actionable intelligence and expedite case resolutions.  Innovations in OpenText™ Experience Cloud  OpenText™ Experience Cloud is instrumental in helping customers maintain lifelong relationships through the cultivation of intelligent customer experiences and communications.  In this release, we've introduced OpenText™ Core Experience Insights, a cloud-based SaaS application aimed at enhancing customer experiences. Tailored for customer success leaders seeking to optimize positive customer interactions, OpenText Experience Core Journey features a comprehensive, insight-driven interface. This empowers users to seamlessly create, monitor, and analyze diverse customer journeys, while generating insights and orchestrating follow-up actions based on customers' previous behavior or status. It's an invaluable tool for leaders aiming to address unique customer needs and offer personalized actions, unconstrained by traditional linear approaches.  Additionally, innovations to OpenText™ Exstream have streamlined customer printing processes and accelerated the production of complex documents at speeds of up to 10 million pages per hour. Controlled from a single unified interface, this release boasts two major innovations: first, the optimization of high-volume printing capabilities, enabling the production of personalized documents at unprecedented speeds while supporting a wider range of formats; second, the acceleration of modernization to OpenText Exstream Cloud Native, offering critical advanced print features necessary for high-fidelity outputs. These enhancements empower customers to achieve greater efficiencies and cost savings in the production and delivery of personalized communications, as well as facilitating a smooth transition to a modern cloud-native platform over time.  Innovations in OpenText™ IT Operations Cloud   OpenText™ IT Operations Cloud raises the bar for IT service performance despite cloud complexity, cost constraints and staff shortages.  Finally in CE 24.2, we are further supporting individuals encountering challenges in application observability, whether stemming from inadequate support for cloud-native applications or high costs associated with existing providers, can now depend on OpenText™ Application Observability for enhanced assistance.  The newest inclusion in our IT Operations solution suite provides comprehensive insights into application performance by leveraging OpenTelemetry, departing from outdated proprietary methods, and enabling insights across various applications. Users can quickly identify key performance indicators at the code level and employ guided workflows for more effective problem isolation. Representing a notable advancement in the application performance management (APM) industry, this tool provides a modern, user-friendly solution that underscores OpenText's commitment to the APM and Observability market. Seamlessly integrating with our AIOps and ITSM platforms, it provides a holistic approach to ensuring the reliability of modern applications.  Looking for more?   For more on all the CE 24.2 innovations, visit our blog as our subject matter experts guide you on the right solutions for your business as you continue to digitally transform in the cloud.  The post Elevate human potential with Cloud Editions (CE) 24.2 appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

        • Reimagine work with Cloud Editions 24.1

          We, at OpenText, are leading the charge in innovative digital transformation, equipping our customers with essential tools to tackle today's most complex business challenges. The next generation of innovation will be driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and built on information management.   We’ve already taken flight with groundbreaking AI capabilities unveiled in Cloud Editions (CE) 23.4, marking the inception of OpenText™ Aviator under opentext.ai – our innovation mission to shape the future using generative-AI. AI’s transformative potential in information management fuels our ambition for a future centered on maximizing the synergy between AI and information management to reimagine work. With modern information management, advanced technologies bring together human intelligence with AI, and it is this collaborative intelligence that will enable companies to create a better future.  And we’ve continued this work with the Cloud Editions 24.1 release. As you’ve likely seen in our announcement today, we’ve continued to enhance our OpenText Aviator capabilities. Our dedication to innovation across OpenText’s business cloud solutions remains unwavering as we continue to help customers reimagine the future of work by applying AI to daily workflows.    But, as we all know, there’s always so much more to our Cloud Editions releases, let's explore these cutting-edge innovations further:  Innovations in OpenText™ Aviator  OpenText™ Content Aviator: We’ve integrated our generative AI-powered intelligent assistant, OpenText Content Aviator, with OpenText™ Extended ECM to address demand for more speed and automation and help users find the relevant information needed to do their jobs – faster. Through an interactive, chat-based conversational interface, OpenText Content Aviator simplifies document and business workspace analysis, summarization and translation, empowering teams to focus on higher-value tasks. Leveraging generative AI against the information management foundation of OpenText Extended ECM ensures users get the best answers based on the most relevant content to their tasks, roles, and permissions to reduce information overload and keep users focused and more productive.  OpenText™ IT Operations Aviator: In CE 24.1, OpenText™ Service Management Automation X (SMAX) continues to bring generative AI capabilities to all customers, regardless of deployment models. Now, both on-cloud and off-cloud SMAX customers can leverage OpenText IT Operations Aviator to enhance user experience, reduce support costs, and maintain data privacy and ethical response controls. This enables businesses to elevate their IT service management (ITSM) with a generative-AI chatbot, utilizing a private large language model while safeguarding data privacy.  OpenText™ Thrust Studio: During OpenText World 2023 in Las Vegas, we reinforced our commitment to our developer community by releasing a series of innovative solutions to enable the development of information management applications via the access of APIs and applications extenders. In this release, we reinforce our promise by bringing to market OpenText™ Aviator Thrust Studio, a solution that includes two components:  OpenText Aviator Thrust Studio: An early access release of a VS Code to help developers with the creation of artifacts (models) that help deploy and run applications seamlessly, including objects, set permissions, workflows and decision models. These extension packs consist of low-code modelers that automate the deployment actions in a CI/CD pipeline. This makes the deployment of these artifacts into the OCP quick, simple and efficient without the need to send a direct REST.  OpenText Aviator Thrust for Partners Program: Our partner program provides access to a more robust portfolio of APIs that can be used to create applications and address real-life solutions to industry needs. OpenText provides both access to these multi service APIs and world-class support required to succeed along the way. If you wish to discover more about this free-to-join program, you can do so by watching the following announcement here.  You can now access early testing by joining our early access programs by signing up here.  Are you ready to unlock the potential of AI and earn your wings? Learn more about our AI strategy and explore our suite of OpenText Aviator solutions for business and technologists at opentext.ai.  Additional innovations in Cloud Editions 24.1  Innovations in OpenText™ Analytics and AI Cloud  OpenText™ AI Cloud enables data-driven organizations to achieve clear insights, make intelligent decisions, and deliver real-time solutions on the largest volumes of data – both structured and unstructured.  In this release, OpenText™ Magellan™ BI and Reporting – Public Cloud has integrated our OpenText™ Vertica analytical database to deliver superior analytical performance at unlimited scale for enhanced cloud-based enterprise business intelligence. This elastic, multi-tenant, SaaS offering empowers data-driven organizations to define, centrally deploy, and seamlessly embed metrics, interactive reports, dashboards, and self-service BI capabilities into any application. The integration with OpenText Vertica, known for its high performance at extreme scale, enables organizations to swiftly unlock insights from exceptionally large data volumes in seconds.   Innovations in OpenText™ Business Network Cloud  As our global connections grow, the OpenText™ Business Network Cloud offers more intelligent links between individuals, systems, and objects, catering to the ever-changing demands of today's dynamic business landscape.  In this CE 24.1, we’ve optimized the supply chain to accelerate time-to-revenue and introduced a pre-built and configurable Microsoft Dynamics 365 electronic data interchange (EDI) integration adapter, offering a cost-effective and rapid deployment solution. This enhancement to the OpenText Business Network Cloud fosters enhanced connectivity across multiple touchpoints, expediting transaction flows between internal systems and external trading partners. By facilitating actions such as instant receipt of purchase orders, automated inventory checks, and swift order fulfilment, this innovative integration empowers enterprises to revolutionize their broader B2B EDI requirements.  Innovations in OpenText™ Cybersecurity Cloud  OpenText™ Cybersecurity Cloud equips forward-thinking businesses with robust, up-to-the-minute threat intelligence, enabling effective real-time risk mitigation. In this release, we address challenges arising from the continuous surge in data, posing difficulties for organizations to manage the risk of data breaches and comply with regulatory requirements.  To combat these data privacy and governance concerns, we’ve elevated OpenText™ Voltage™ Fusion, a cloud-first data security platform and integrated it with our Content Cloud solution, OpenText Extended ECM.   OpenText Voltage Fusion seamlessly links data discovery, classification, and insights with data security, usage monitoring, and lifecycle management, effectively managing sensitive data challenges. This helps cybersecurity leaders understand where sensitive data resides and how best to protect it. By marrying these capabilities with OpenText Extended ECM, customers can better identify sensitive information inside and outside the content management boundaries improving visibility around data sprawl, compliance, and privacy postures.  Additionally, our comprehensive identity lifecycle management solution, OpenText NetIQ Identity Manager, is now available in a hybrid mode as a single tenant SaaS service in the OpenText private cloud and existing off-cloud deployments. This offers businesses relief from resource constraints involved in maintaining, patching, and updating their identity management environment.  Innovations in OpenText™ DevOps Cloud  Through OpenText™ DevOps Cloud, we continue to elevate the management of application delivery, empowering organizations to efficiently create and deploy software in the cloud at their preferred pace.  OpenText™ ALM/Quality Center, a leading test management and ALM tool, now features a modern web-based user interface that enables developers, testers, and administrators to seamlessly perform their tasks on any browser and device of choice. This enhancement reduces client deployment costs and enhances productivity for quality assurance teams. Developers and testers can now work faster and more effectively in an intuitive environment, with features such as filtering, grouping, and favorites to help aid focus. Site administrators benefit from a redesigned and dynamic user interface that enhances client management, API key management, and license assignment for SaaS instances.  Innovations in OpenText™ Experience Cloud  OpenText™ Experience Cloud is instrumental in helping customers maintain lifelong relationships by nurturing smarter customer experiences and communications.  In this release, we continue to transform contact centers with cutting-edge solutions, extending capabilities from OpenText™ Qfiniti Explore to contact center as a service (CCaaS) solution providers like Sinch.  With the aim of addressing persistent challenges tied to poor agent productivity and efficiency caused by heavy workloads, diverse customer inquiries, and complex issues, businesses can now integrate a Sinch connector to augment their CCaaS. This amalgamation unlocks valuable customer insights for a comprehensive 360-degree view, streamlining operations and enriching customer interactions aligned with strategic goals to elevate the overall customer experience. Furthermore, this tool incorporates an intelligently autoscore analytics feature designed to automatically assess agent performance and customer satisfaction. This yields valuable, tangible evidence to trigger specific actions aimed at enhancing agent experience management and the overall customer experience.  Looking for more?   For more on all the CE 24.1 innovations, visit our blog as our subject matter experts guide you on the right solutions for your business as you continue to digitally transform in the cloud.  The post Reimagine work with Cloud Editions 24.1 appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

        • Mainframe Modernization: Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

          Mainframes still matter today. According to IBM, 45 of the world’s top 50 banks run on IBM zSystems. Furthermore, mainframes are used by 71% of Fortune 500 companies – handling 68% of the world’s production IT workloads and processing 90% of all credit card transactions. While these high-performance computers can process up to 1 trillion web transactions daily with the highest levels of security and reliability, there is pressure to modernize. Latest software architecture such as microservices bring new benefits in terms of internet scalability, high application quality, and fast time to market. The cloud offers great benefits in scaling operations to demand and connect with new technologies like generative AI and large language models (LLMs).   The question for mainframe users is whether to keep applications on the mainframe or to modernize and move the applications to the cloud. Despite having reliable and high value mainframe applications, the urgency to modernize will help enable organizations to:  Control or lower total cost of ownership (TCO) against rising mainframe maintenance costs    Maintain or improve service levels  Address skills and business continuity challenges    Respond fast to market changes and deliver value rapidly   Modernize to enable innovation and accelerate business’s digital transformation   Exploit the new opportunities that cloud and hybrid IT have to offer  OpenText Enterprise Suite can help enterprises on their modernization journey to participate in open cloud native computing. The solution offers a comprehensive and flexible analysis, development, test, and multi-platform deployment solutions.   Webinar and Analyst Report: Experts Explore Modernization Options  Open and modern systems can tap into new technologies such as latest AI. But how does an enterprise make the decision to stay on the mainframe or move? What are the options and the risks?   To explore these questions, OpenText’s Scot Nielsen, Director of Product Management, Application Modernization, and Michael Azoff, Chief Analyst, Omdia, recently discussed modernization options by addressing customer needs through four major use cases:   Application remains on the mainframe:  Keep the applications on the mainframe but exploit the latest development tools to build applications, putting the application back on the mainframe.  Application testing can be time consuming and run up expensive time on the mainframe, so testing is performed off the mainframe.  Mainframe re-platforming:  Applications are moved off the mainframe and onto OpenText Enterprise Server. At this point the application can remain as is, but the surrounding supporting infrastructure has been transformed, and applications run on commodity boxes (so lower TCO) but with resiliency and scalability added. This option allows some cloud native computing technologies to be used such as containerization.  Re-platforming to Enterprise Server is also the gateway to complete re-architecting of the application, say from COBOL to Java, and migration to the cloud. Showcasing Customer Examples   Of the several customer modernization examples shared, OpenText customer AG Insurance, is highlighted for its large-scale mainframe modernization project using OpenText’s Enterprise Suite solutions. Clear onward modernization goals saw AG Insurance achieve 75 per cent operational cost savings and faster time to market with new customer offerings. Other customer examples highlighted include Kmart Australia and consulting services provider B+B Unternehmensberatung.  Download the new Omdia report: Mainframe application modernization with OpenText: helping decide what stays and what moves   NEW! COBOL Webinar Wednesdays 2024   Join our COBOL experts for a series of monthly webinar sessions dedicated to the community of COBOL professionals. Learn how you can build on the proven IT investments you rely on every day. Register to join >  Related Content:   New Futurum Report: How Mainframe Modernization Begins with Application Modernization  How to Extend Enterprise IT Security to the Mainframe  Unlocking the Future: The Role of AI in Application Modernization  Why You Need to Accelerate Your Modernization Journey to the Cloud  Mainframe Modernization Challenge: It’s Not About COBOL, It’s About Mainframe Skills and Resources  The Modern Mainframe is Automated, Protected and Connected    Learn COBOL in 1 Day: Get instructor-led videos, hands-on tutorials, and all the development tools you need – for free  Join the conversations and stay updated by connecting with the OpenText Application Modernization team on LinkedIn.    The post Mainframe Modernization: Should I Stay, or Should I Go? appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

        • Streamline ERP migration with integration experts – Estimate ROI with our new calculator!

          So, you're facing the daunting task of modernizing or replacing your company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Do you worry about the price tag of an ERP migration and justifying management costs? Or do your main concerns revolve around migration risks and complexity? Laying the foundation for a successful ERP migration Like many companies, you've likely committed exorbitant resources—both time and money—to implementing your current ERP solution to automate specific business processes, such as finance, purchasing, inventory management, and operations. Your existing ERP has also probably had a significant positive impact on business performance. However, the monolithic design of traditional ERP systems and the heavy customizations required to meet an organization's specific needs often render legacy systems inflexible and slow at meeting the growing and evolving needs of the business. As the demands around the digital transformation of business processes increase and the technology landscape evolves, modernization becomes inevitable. This requires specific expertise and involves a significant investment of time and money. In addition to ensuring that the new ERP meets requirements and is configured correctly, it must also connects with other systems. System integration is one of the most overlooked areas in ERP migrations and can significantly hinder deployment if not handled with care. Conversely, when the right experts are involved, work done around integrations can speed up ERP modernization while also reducing migration costs and risks. B2B integration plays a pivotal role in supporting ERP migration projects  As one of the leading B2B integration providers in the world, OpenText helps many large organizations manage integrations between ERP systems and external trading partner communities, including suppliers, customers, logistics providers and more. As the bridge between external data and internal business processes, B2B integration solutions play a crucial role. They assist businesses in understanding supply chain data requirements and mitigating business continuity risks when changing ERP systems.   44% of transactional data in ERPs comes from external sources OpenText and IDG Communication, ERP Modernization and Growing Data Challenges Drive 91% of Enterprises to Modernize Integration Solutions There are multiple ways in which B2B integration expertise supports ERP migrations. These include accelerating ERP data model definition through automated data discovery, data and process quality improvements and more flexible process design choices. They also provide risk mitigation throughout the project through better insights and testing. For more information on these, you can read our executive brief examining the role of B2B integration in supporting ERP migrations. Explore your business case with a B2B ERP migration ROI Calculator Based on our experience supporting customers through ERP system migrations, OpenText has quantified the typical benefits of strategically approaching B2B integration with ERP migration in our B2B ERP Migration ROI calculator. Examining key variables, the ROI calculator helps organizations estimate the value that OpenText's B2B integration expertise can deliver as part of their ERP migration.   The calculator will allow you to examine the key variables and see how they impact the overall business case and savings potential. You can share the results with your team to initiate conversation. You can contact our solution consulting team for a more in-depth review if you want to validate the numbers and build a more detailed business case. ERP modernization is the perfect time to re-evaluate your B2B integration strategy ERP modernization is a significant investment for any organization. Due to its critical nature and complexity, companies often postpone other projects and focus areas to a later time to maintain focus. However, integration solutions carry significant synergies if modernized with the ERP during the transition and beyond. When it comes to B2B integration, one size doesn't fit all. An optimal solution requires not only modern technology but also defining the right processes and having people with the right skills aligned with the scope and requirements of the business. In addition to supporting ERP migrations, OpenText Professional Services organization can help determine the right B2B integration strategy for your organization. Explore the potential savings on your EPR migration project with our B2B ERP Migration ROI calculator now! The post Streamline ERP migration with integration experts – Estimate ROI with our new calculator! appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

        • Unveiling OpenText’s leadership position in digital experience management

          Providing a captivating digital experience is challenging. Users form an opinion on a website in just 0.05 seconds, moving on quickly if it doesn’t hold their interest. The way customers interact with the web and the world around them is constantly evolving. In fact, an overwhelming majority of global executives – 95% – say customers are changing faster than their businesses can keep up.  As organizations grapple with creating seamless, engaging, and personalized digital experiences, OpenText TM is making waves. OpenText was recently named a Leader in the Omdia Universe for Digital Experience Management (DXM) 2023-2024.     Key insights from the Omdia report Market positioning   OpenText is a clear leader among vendors along the Capabilities axis and has made a significant jump upwards along the Strategic Execution axis. OpenText also received the leading score in Core Capabilities, Advanced Capabilities and Solution Breadth, and a high score in Strategy and Innovation.   Comprehensive solution   OpenText’s leadership position reflects innovation in AI, a breadth of DXM capabilities and cloud deployment options, strong differentiation in the approach to Total Experience (TX), and an integrated offering for content management system (CMS), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Customer Communications Management (CCM).    “OpenText should appear on your shortlist if you want a DX that offers a lot of additional capabilities, such as collaboration, DAM, and customer communications management through seamless integration.”  -Omdia Universe for Digital Experience Management report, 2023-2024  A glimpse into success with OpenText Experience Cloud  From the inside out, OpenText is helping organizations around the world transform their approach to digital experience management. OpenText embarked on our own modernization program using Experience Cloud with OpenText Web (formerly TeamSite) and Media Management powered by Google Cloud Platform. The new platform powers fresh content for more than 1,110 web pages, offering greater clarity, accessibility, and personalization. Since going live with the new OpenText.com experience, digital engagement increased 10% with a 50% shorter time to market for new digital content. Globally, OpenText Web powers more than 10,000 websites for market-leading companies.   Rise to the occasion with modern digital experiences  OpenText Experience Cloud is your partner in digital experience transformation. Learn more about how OpenText ranks among other vendors with a complimentary copy of the Omdia report.  The post Unveiling OpenText’s leadership position in digital experience management appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

        • Gen Z vs faxing? A modernization shift this century didn’t see coming!

          In a world where we have smart homes, self-driving cars, and instant everything, it might surprise you to learn that fax machines are still hanging around in one of the most crucial industries – healthcare. We’re on the brink of a digital revolution that's transforming the way healthcare handles information. Let's dive into the realm of fax machines and automated capture in healthcare – the unlikely duo that's shaping the future of patient care. The hardware Remember those ancient, clunky fax machines gathering dust in some forgotten corner of an office? It turns out that healthcare is a bit of a time traveler, holding onto fax machines like prized artifacts. But why, you ask? Well, the answer lies in the peculiar nature of healthcare bureaucracy, security concerns, and the slow pace at which the industry adopts new technologies. Enter automated capture Now, picture this: a world where patient records aren't buried under mountains of paperwork, where doctors aren't playing hide-and-seek with critical information, and where your medical history isn't at the mercy of a fax machine. Welcome to the era of automated capture! Automated capture is the innovation swooping in to rescue healthcare from the clutches of outdated technology. Imagine a streamlined system where patient data seamlessly flows from one point to another, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the chance of errors. This isn't just a technological facelift; it's a game-changer for healthcare efficiency. Breaking down the buzzwords Okay, so we've thrown around terms like "automated capture," but what does it really mean? In simple terms, it's about using cutting-edge technology, like optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning, to extract, interpret, and organize data from various sources. No more deciphering handwritten notes or waiting hours for faxed documents to arrive – it's all done at the speed of light. The Millennial and Gen Z Touch According to an article written by the Harvard Pilgram, “Gen Z is the first generation to grow up surrounded by digital devices, and they expect their health benefits to be digital, too.” As generations that grew up in the digital age, they know the importance of efficiency, speed, and accessibility. Automated capture aligns perfectly with their values, offering a glimpse into the kind of healthcare system we've always envisioned – one that harnesses the power of technology to enhance patient care. The road ahead But it's not just about making things faster; it's about making them better. Automated capture doesn't just eliminate the hassle of fax machines; it also opens the door to data-driven insights, personalized treatment plans, and improved collaboration among healthcare professionals. The evolution of healthcare is no exception. The shift from fax machines to automated capture might seem like a small step, but it's a giant leap for an industry that's been anchored by tradition. So, let's embrace this digital revolution, advocate for technological advancements, and imagine a future where healthcare isn't just about treating illnesses but preventing them through the power of innovation. In the grand saga of healthcare, fax machines might be the relics of the past, but automated capture is what this generation has been waiting for. Discover how OpenText™ can automate the capture of inbound fax data, and allow you to champion a tech-forward, efficient, and patient-centric healthcare system. Get ready because digital fax with automated capture is ready to go viral! The post Gen Z vs faxing? A modernization shift this century didn’t see coming! appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

        • Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Software Development: Tools, Technologies and Benefits

          From coding and documentation to debugging and writing tests, AI in software development is revolutionising the industry. AI-powered tools and frameworks have transformed workflows by automating repetitive tasks, allowing developers to focus on more complex and creative tasks

        • How does the implementation of an enterprise-wide data and analytics strategy help financial organizations?

          Enterprise analytics refers to the collective process of acquiring, inspecting, and leveraging data across an organization to drive crucial business decisions and strategies. The practice uses advanced techniques and tools to analyze large datasets from multiple sources within the enterprise, such as marketing, sales, operations, finance, and human resources, to derive insights and improve overall business performance.

        • Cloud Cost Optimization: Top Practices to Make the Best Out of Your Cloud Investment

          Cloud cost optimization is the net result of cloud financial management, a set of business practices that link controls over the variable spend model of cloud IaaS to financial accountability. It includes strategies like right-sizing resources, using reserved instances, implementing auto-scaling, removing idle resources, optimising storage, continuous monitoring, cost allocation and leveraging third-party tools.

        • What does data warehousing allow organizations to achieve in the healthcare industry?

          Data warehousing is one of the crucial components of an enterprise data management strategy. It empowers organizations worldwide to leverage their data more effectively, improving operational efficiency, driving better decision-making, and enabling strategic insights.

        • Built a data warehousing solution for a property management software service provider

          Built a data warehousing solution for a property management software service provider Built a data warehousing solution for a property management software service provider 01 Empowering Property Managers With RealTime Insights Using AWS And Snowflake Our client aims to fast-track property managers’ decisionmaking process with a

        • Optimizing whistle-blower case management in an NGO via speech-to-text solution

          Optimizing whistle-blower case management in an NGO via speech-to-text solution Optimizing whistle-blower case management in an NGO via speech-to-text solution 01 Enabling The Audit Officer To Pace Up The Investigation Process Through Azure Speech To Text: Our client, an NGO believes that every dollar

        • Playwright Vs Cypress: Which one should you choose for your business?

          Currently we have many test automation frameworks available in our market. But Playwright and Cypress being the modern test automation frameworks in testing web applications, let’s see the battle between these two in terms of unique features, limitations, advantages and much more.

        • Digitally transforming delivery networks with custom-made desktop application

          Digitally transforming delivery networks with custom-made desktop application Digitally transforming delivery networks with custom-made desktop application 01 02 A case study on development of desktop application. Our client wanted to modernize and digitally transform their delivery networks and operations for

        • A Proven Roadmap for Successful RPA Implementation

          The business world buzzes with talk of automation. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) promises significant boosts in productivity, substantial cost reductions, and a host of other advantages. Yet, I’ve seen how the complexities of IT bureaucracies can hinder the seamless integration of RPA solutions.

        • Best Practices for Using Static Analysis Tools to Improve Your Code Quality

          Enter static analysis tools, your powerful allies. Unlike debuggers, which necessitate code execution, these tools function as meticulous code inspectors. They delve into your codebase, identifying areas for enhancement and potential issues early in the development process, even before the code runs. By harnessing these tools effectively, developers can take a proactive stance, addressing these issues in advance and saving significant time, resources, and frustration in the long run. The post Best Practices for Using Static Analysis Tools to Improve Your Code Quality appeared first on [x]cube LABS.

        • The Omnichannel Imperative: Blending Digital and Physical Retail

          The retail landscape is undergoing a dramatic transformation. While online shopping has boomed in recent years, with global e-commerce sales reaching a staggering $5.3 trillion in 2023, physical stores are still around. The key to success in today's digital age lies in omnichannel retail. However, what exactly is it? Omnichannel retail is more than just having a website and a physical store. It is a powerful tool that can transform business. Imagine a seamless journey where 73% of shoppers who research online buy in-store. The post The Omnichannel Imperative: Blending Digital and Physical Retail appeared first on [x]cube LABS.

        • Performance Optimization in Software Architecture

          Our digital world is expanding relentlessly. Software applications, the engines driving this growth, are becoming increasingly complex and sprawling. As these systems morph into intricate beasts, the need to ensure their smooth operation becomes paramount. This is where performance optimization steps in, wielding the power to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of software architecture significantly. The post Performance Optimization in Software Architecture appeared first on [x]cube LABS.

        • How AI is Transforming the Agriculture Industry

          Agriculture, the backbone of civilization, is undergoing a revolution driven by artificial intelligence (AI). This powerful technology transforms how we grow our food, promising a future of increased yields, resource efficiency, and sustainable practices. Let's explore how AI is sowing the seeds of change in agriculture. The post How AI is Transforming the Agriculture Industry appeared first on [x]cube LABS.

        • Revolutionizing Agriculture: Cutting-Edge Solutions for Agri Input Challenges

          Agri input companies are the backbone of the agriculture sector. They provide the essential means for farmers to plant crops and are the starting point of the agricultural value chain. These companies are involved in the research and development of new seed products, manufacturing them, selling them to farmers, and assisting in overcoming cropping issues. The post Revolutionizing Agriculture: Cutting-Edge Solutions for Agri Input Challenges appeared first on [x]cube LABS.

        • Implementing Security in DevOps Pipelines

          Delivering high-quality applications more quickly is now possible with DevOps as the preferred method. DevOps security practices focus on collaboration, automation, and continuous integration and delivery, enabling organizations to innovate and deliver software faster. However, with this agility comes a pressing concern: security. As DevOps continues to revolutionize the way we build and deploy software, the need to implement robust security measures in DevOps pipelines has never been more critical. The post Implementing Security in DevOps Pipelines appeared first on [x]cube LABS.

        • Deploying Kubernetes on a Multi-Cloud Environment

          Combining two or more cloud computing services from different providers, known as a multi-cloud environment, can involve a combination of managed on-premises infrastructure in private clouds, edge computing resources, and public clouds (such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform). It liberates us from depending on just one cloud provider, resulting in a more adaptable and dynamic IT environment. The post Deploying Kubernetes on a Multi-Cloud Environment appeared first on [x]cube LABS.

        • Implementing Rolling Updates and Rollbacks with Docker

          Traditional deployment methods, with their tendency to take applications offline for updates, often lead to dreaded downtime. Rolling updates, a revolutionary approach, aim to solve this problem. They ensure seamless application evolution with minimal disruption, making them a game-changer in application management. The post Implementing Rolling Updates and Rollbacks with Docker appeared first on [x]cube LABS.

        • Using Docker for Local Development and Testing

          Local development and local testing can be a double-edged sword. Many of us have embarked on this journey, which offers flexibility and control but often comes with challenges that hinder productivity and consistency. There's a solution waiting to revolutionize your workflow: Using Docker. This innovative technology helps you create isolated and consistent development environments, ensuring your code runs flawlessly every time, regardless of your local machine's setup. The post Using Docker for Local Development and Testing appeared first on [x]cube LABS.

        • 15 Mobile App Development Trends

          The Future of Mobile Apps: Top 15 Trends for 2024 and Beyond The mobile app development landscape is evolving rapidly, driven by technological advancements and changing user preferences. As the mobile app market is very close to reaching $614.40 billion by 2026, it is cardinal for the developers as well as the businesses to keep

        • Generative AI – Driving Efficiency and Sustainability in the Oil & Gas Industry

          Generative AI – Driving Efficiency and Sustainability in the Oil & Gas Industry The oil and gas segment is one of the most important components of the world’s energy mix and is experiencing growing pressure to change. For this purpose, challenges such as market conditions, environmental laws, and an increasing focus on emerging technologies push

        • Generative AI Demystified: Essential Knowledge for Businesses

          Generative AI Demystified Artificial intelligence (AI) is a pioneering technology in the rapidly evolving field of digital transformation. Its impact extends across sectors, altering surroundings and prompting groundbreaking discoveries. Artificial intelligence is rapidly reshaping our society, from reinventing healthcare to disrupting the fundamental fabric of entertainment. However, inside this vast field lies a particularly interesting

        • Why Global Leaders See Generative AI as a Game-Changer

          Why Global Leaders See Generative AI as a Game-Changer The Rise of Generative AI: A Paradigm Shift in Innovation Generative AI has seen a phenomenal 300% surge in adoption across various industries over the past year. This growth signifies its transformative impact and disruptive potential. This technology is revolutionizing how we approach innovation and problem-solving.

        • Oil and Gas Business Intelligence for Offshore Operations Efficiency

          Leverage the power of Oil and Gas Business Intelligence to optimize offshore operations & boost efficiency in the energy sector.


          Revolutionizing Travel Experiences With Augmented Reality In the realm of travel and tourism, AR is swiftly becoming a game-changer. Imagine a world where your augmented reality travel experiences are elevated, making every journey more vivid and informative. A striking statistic that captures the essence of this trend is the projected growth of CAGR of 38% for the


          Enhance Patient Engagement With Healthcare Apps Patient interaction in healthcare Apps is very Important Recently, there has been a significant change in the healthcare landscape, emphasizing the importance of “patient engagement in healthcare.” With the rise of healthcare apps, managing health data is undergoing a noteworthy transformation. This shift is driven by the increasing potential


          App Maisters Inc Recognized As A Clutch Global Leader For 2023 App Maisters named a top B2B company for Digital Transformation services Houston, Tx, Nov,15, 2023 — App Maisters Inc , Trusted Digital Transformation Partners, today announced its recognition as a 2023 Clutch Global leader Award winner for  services on Clutch, the leading global marketplace of B2B


          Enhancing Patient Monitoring And Care Through Software As A Medical Device Introduction App Maisters pioneers groundbreaking solutions in healthcare technology with its Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) applications. These innovative digital tools are meticulously crafted to enhance patient care, streamline medical processes, and revolutionize healthcare delivery. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise, App Maisters’ Software

        • All you need to know about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth Edition

          The ever-evolving marketing landscape demands agile and powerful tools, especially for businesses taking their first steps towards sophisticated customer engagement. And this is why Salesforce has just announced the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth Edition, a game-changer, specifically designed to empower growing companies with the essentials of marketing automation at an accessible price point. This edition offers The post All you need to know about Salesforce Marketing Cloud Growth Edition appeared first on ETG Digital.

        • Best Practices to Maintain Your Salesforce Data Quality

          In the bustling realm of B2C sales and service, Salesforce often serves as the beating heart of your operations. But just like any powerful engine, it thrives on clean, high-quality fuel – data. Unfortunately, B2C environments can introduce unique challenges to data integrity, leaving you with a metaphorical spaghetti junction instead of a smoothly flowing ecosystem. The post Best Practices to Maintain Your Salesforce Data Quality appeared first on ETG Digital.

        • Best Practices to make the most of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud

          Remember the frantic click-fest during the holidays, desperately searching for the perfect gift on a website that resembled a labyrinth? Navigating confusing menus, sifting through irrelevant recommendations, and enduring a checkout process resembling a tax audit – these are the hallmarks of an e-commerce experience stuck in the dark ages. For businesses grappling with stagnant The post Best Practices to make the most of your Salesforce Commerce Cloud appeared first on ETG Digital.

        • Delight your Sales Teams with Salesforce Automated Commission Calculator

          Manual commission calculations. The phrase alone evokes groans from sales teams and sighs from finance departments. This time-consuming, error-prone process eats away at productivity, fuels frustration, and hinders transparency. Yet, it remains a painful reality for many organizations. In today’s competitive landscape, businesses cannot afford to leave sales performance on autopilot. A highly motivated and The post Delight your Sales Teams with Salesforce Automated Commission Calculator appeared first on ETG Digital.

        • Why you should choose Salesforce over Hubspot as your CRM?

          Salesforce, the industry titan, boasts a 19.8% market share, serving behemoths like Nike and Unilever. While HubSpot, the nimble challenger, claims 5.4% and champions itself as the “friendly” CRM, favored by rising startups and solopreneurs. But, which is right for your business? In this cutthroat business world, success hinges on building enduring relationships. Hence the The post Why you should choose Salesforce over Hubspot as your CRM? appeared first on ETG Digital.

        • How Salesforce Commerce Cloud is going to help you this holiday season

          The holiday season is already here! A wonderful time for joy, family, and of course, shopping – a golden opportunity for businesses to drive sales and boost revenue. Just take a look at these numbers- US holiday retail sales are expected to reach a record-breaking $960.4 billion in 2023. (Source: National Retail Federation) eCommerce sales The post How Salesforce Commerce Cloud is going to help you this holiday season appeared first on ETG Digital.

        • Salesforce Commerce Cloud vs Magento

          According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce 2023, over 70% of Fortune 500 companies use Salesforce Commerce Cloud, demonstrating its adoption by large enterprises. While Magento powers over 2.5 million stores worldwide, indicating its versatility and widespread adoption across various industries and business sizes. Today, businesses of all sizes are embracing the power of The post Salesforce Commerce Cloud vs Magento appeared first on ETG Digital.

        • Einstein GPT Trust Layer: Helping you protect your customer data

          Organizations in today’s data-driven world are entrusted with a vast amount of customer information, making data privacy a paramount concern. As businesses increasingly leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance their operations, the need for secure AI solutions has become all the more critical. Enter Einstein GPT Trust Layer – a powerful tool developed by Salesforce to The post Einstein GPT Trust Layer: Helping you protect your customer data appeared first on ETG Digital.

        • Salesforce Commerce AI: Powering your eCommerce

          The advent of Artificial Intelligence has ushered in a new era for eCommerce, transforming the way businesses interact with customers and shaping the future of online shopping. With its ability to analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make predictions, AI is empowering businesses to deliver personalized experiences, enhance customer service, and optimize their The post Salesforce Commerce AI: Powering your eCommerce appeared first on ETG Digital.

          • Navigating The Tech Landscape: Which Technologies Are Ready For Adoption And Which Need More Time To Mature

            When spring comes, I know two things for sure: I will sneeze non-stop because of my seasonal allergies, and I will have to deep clean our house. This year, my wife persuaded me to go through the dusty, spider-filled attic The post Navigating The Tech Landscape: Which Technologies Are Ready For Adoption And Which Need More Time To Mature first appeared on Lumen. The post Navigating The Tech Landscape: Which Technologies Are Ready For Adoption And Which Need More Time To Mature appeared first on Lumen.

          • The Future of Patient Care: 4 Technology Trends Shaping Public Health

            In the dynamic world of healthcare, technological advancements are synonymous with progress and innovation. Yet these advancements also bring new challenges and concerns, especially for healthcare leaders tasked with guiding their organizations towards a secure and efficient future. This post The post The Future of Patient Care: 4 Technology Trends Shaping Public Health first appeared on Lumen. The post The Future of Patient Care: 4 Technology Trends Shaping Public Health appeared first on Lumen.

          • Reinvent Your Customer Experience with Emerging Technologies

            As technologies rapidly evolve, how can you adapt them to create new customer experiences and differentiated employee experiences that make you stand out? In just five minutes, this article will provide an overview of customer experience (CX) issues, the technologies The post Reinvent Your Customer Experience with Emerging Technologies first appeared on Lumen. The post Reinvent Your Customer Experience with Emerging Technologies appeared first on Lumen.

          • Revolutionize Your Business: The Power of Technological Modernization

            If you are still using legacy technology for your business, you might be missing out on the benefits of a more modern solution. Legacy technology refers to outdated systems, software or hardware that are no longer supported or updated by The post Revolutionize Your Business: The Power of Technological Modernization first appeared on Lumen. The post Revolutionize Your Business: The Power of Technological Modernization appeared first on Lumen.

          • Smooth Sailing: Navigating the Migration Process with Lumen

            In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, customers face the critical challenge of migrating from legacy technology to modern, agile solutions that can meet the demands of a competitive marketplace. Working with an experienced managed services provider, like Lumen, can help The post Smooth Sailing: Navigating the Migration Process with Lumen first appeared on Lumen. The post Smooth Sailing: Navigating the Migration Process with Lumen appeared first on Lumen.

          • Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Legacy Technology? A Guide To Modernizing Your Business

            In an era where technology evolves at breakneck speed, companies are faced with a pivotal decision: cling to the familiarity of legacy systems or embrace the modernization of their technological solutions. The choice is clear for those looking to thrive—migration The post Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Legacy Technology? A Guide To Modernizing Your Business first appeared on Lumen. The post Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Legacy Technology? A Guide To Modernizing Your Business appeared first on Lumen.

          • Tech View: Reimagining Customer Experiences On and Off the Field

            Some of the most impactful experiences of my career involve two industries colliding: sports and technology. I’ve spent more than two decades playing on both sides—working in technology to solve customer pain points and helping bring the Seattle Seahawks’ mascot The post Tech View: Reimagining Customer Experiences On and Off the Field first appeared on Lumen. The post Tech View: Reimagining Customer Experiences On and Off the Field appeared first on Lumen.

          • The Pumpkin Eclipse

            Executive Summary Revision June 7, 2024: As this story has developed, we have received feedback from a vendor/partner. While we observed a drop in activity associated with multiple router models based on scan data, we assess that ActionTec routers were The post The Pumpkin Eclipse first appeared on Lumen. The post The Pumpkin Eclipse appeared first on Lumen.

          • Lumen DDoS Essentials: Your Shield Against Cyberthreats

            Imagine that you are the CTO of a retailer with a large online presence. The holiday season is upon you, and while business is booming, you are operating with reduced security staff and limited resources to monitor your networks and applications. The post Lumen DDoS Essentials: Your Shield Against Cyberthreats first appeared on Lumen. The post Lumen DDoS Essentials: Your Shield Against Cyberthreats appeared first on Lumen.

          • Demystifying Shopify POS Pro: The Ultimate Guide

            Introduction Shopify POS Pro is revolutionizing the way retailers manage their brick-and-mortar operations. With a robust set of features designed to enhance the in-store shopping experience, streamline checkout processes, and drive sales, Shopify POS Pro offers merchants a comprehensive solution for running their retail businesses efficiently. In this ultimate guide, we’ll demystify Shopify POS Pro

          • Expanding Global Reach with Multi-Currency Functionality on Shopify Plus: A Comprehensive Guide

            Introduction Expanding your e-commerce business beyond borders presents exciting opportunities for growth and profitability. With the multi-currency functionality offered by Shopify Plus, merchants can cater to international customers more effectively and drive sales in multiple currencies. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the benefits, features, and essential strategies for leveraging multi-currency functionality on Shopify

          • Optimizing Your Shopify Store for Success: Unleashing the Power of a Shopify CRO Expert

            Introduction In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, having a visually appealing Shopify store is just the beginning. To truly succeed and maximize your store’s potential, optimizing for conversions is essential. That’s where a Shopify CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) expert comes in. In this guide, we’ll explore the invaluable role of a Shopify CRO expert, how

          • Amplify Your Shopify Plus Store with Expert Email Marketing: Partnering with a Shopify Plus Email Marketing Agency

            Introduction In the competitive landscape of e-commerce, effective email marketing can be the key to unlocking the full potential of your Shopify Plus store. By partnering with a specialized Shopify Plus email marketing agency, you can harness the power of personalized email campaigns, automation, and segmentation to drive revenue, increase customer loyalty, and achieve your

          • Elevating Excellence: The Role of a Shopify Plus Agency in Your Success

            Introduction In the rapidly evolving landscape of e-commerce, standing out from the crowd requires more than just a visually appealing website. It demands a comprehensive strategy, seamless user experience, and cutting-edge technology. This is where a Shopify Plus agency steps in, serving as your strategic partner in elevating your online business to new heights of

          • Tailored Solutions: Exploring Shopify Customization Services for Your Store

            Introduction In the dynamic world of e-commerce, standing out from the competition is essential for success. While Shopify offers a range of powerful features out of the box, customization allows businesses to tailor their online stores to meet specific needs and preferences. In this blog, we’ll delve into the realm of Shopify customization services, exploring

          • Why Hire a Shopify Plus Development Company? Key Benefits Explained

            Introduction Shopify Plus offers advanced features and scalability that are ideal for high-growth e-commerce businesses. Hiring a Shopify Plus development company can provide specialized expertise and services tailored to these complex needs. This blog outlines the key benefits of engaging with a professional Shopify Plus developer to maximize your platform’s potential and drive business growth.

          • The Role of a Shopify Web Designer in Enhancing User Experience

            Introduction In the competitive world of e-commerce, the role of a Shopify web designer is pivotal in ensuring that an online store is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and optimized for conversions. This blog delves into how a Shopify web designer can enhance user experience, contributing to a store’s success by integrating aesthetics

          • How to Ensure a Smooth Shopify Data Migration: Tips from Leading Experts

            Introduction Migrating your store’s data to Shopify can be a daunting task, especially with the complexities of product data, customer information, and historical transactions. However, with the right strategy and guidance from Shopify migration experts, you can ensure a seamless transition. This blog explores essential tips provided by leading experts in the field to help