Empowering Employees and Organisations with Intelligent HR Technology

In HR, use cases of intelligent technology – for example, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) – are becoming increasingly common.Whether it’s used to identify the right talent for employers, to provide targeted skills and learning recommendations for employees, or to leverage chatbots that improve service delivery across the organisation, HR is beginning to realise the significant value that intelligent technology can offer. Yet according to research by IDC1, understanding where and how to implement intelligent technology is one of the top 10 challenges HR is grappling with today. HR needs guidance as to where these technologies will offer the most value, both to the organisation and to employees, and which use cases will be met with the least resistance. Better understanding employees’ comfort, preferences and concerns related to the use of intelligent technology is critical to ensuring organisational success and that intelligent technology will enhance, rather than detract, from employees’ experience at work.

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