Google Display & Video 360 - Powerful New Features

The latest update is ready to enhance advertising capabilities and ensure privacy compliance, including improved reporting, user ID redactions, and more are coming soon.

Google has announced several new features coming to Display & Video 360.

Key Updates:

  1. Report Files Download List:

Google Introduces Instant Reporting Page for Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360

  • Allows status tracking and report access.
  • Streamlines reporting process.

2. User ID Redaction:

In compliance with new privacy legislation, like California’s CCPA, Google will redact user IDs in Data Transfer files for users in Florida, Texas, Oregon, and Montana.

  • In aiming to enhance user privacy protection.
  • Compliance with new privacy legislation.
  • Ensuring regional regulation compliance.

3. First Position Targeting for YouTube Instant Reserve:

YouTube Instant Reserve targeting first position, offering in-stream and shorts campaigns to-

  • To enhance brand visibility and engagement.
  • To enable advertisers to secure prime ad positions.

4. Expanded Third-Party Measurement:

The project now offers the following benefits by increasing the audience’s third-party measurement:

  • Allows third-party reach measurement to be enabled by default.
  • Enhances the advertiser’s campaign by evaluating its effectiveness.

Advertisers may be eager to explore YouTube’s first position targeting for improved visibility and traffic, but privacy compliance requirements pose concerns about ID redactions impacting data analysis.

Timeline- These features are expected to roll out over the next few weeks.

The Big Picture- Google plans to introduce new features to improve advertising platforms, address privacy concerns, and expand measurement capabilities, in response to these updates to monitor their impact on campaign performance.

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