The Enterprise’s Guide for Generative AI

Generative Al (GenAI) has captured the attention, imagination, and concern of most technology and business leaders across the world. While most artificial intelligence (Al) systems so far have been used for classifications and predictions, GenAI has the potential to change the way organizations operate, bringing in new types of efficiencies and innovation. GenAI is an important technology for organizations to get familiar with and adopt as soon as possible. An enterprise that applies GenAI could revolutionize its industry and transform the way it operates. GenAI will drive innovation and boost efficiency, and enterprises that embrace it could automate repetitive tasks, improve decision making, and personalize experiences for their customers and employees. To maximize the GenAI opportunity, enterprises need to partner with their technology ecosystem and prepare for Al and automation in all phases and areas of their organization.

According to a recent IDC worldwide survey in 2023, over 77% of organizations across the world are either exploring potential use cases or are investing significantly in GenAI technologies in 2023 (see Figure 1). GenAI has captured a lot of mindshare recently, but adoption in the enterprise is still relatively small right now. This means there is a big opportunity for the companies that act with GenAI The ones that embrace it early stand to gain a significant lead in productivity, automation, customer satisfaction, and increased agility.

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