Unlock the full potential of Generative AI at Work

Artificial intelligence has become so common in everyday life that it’s often not given a second thought. It’s changed the way people live, work, shop and interrelate. It’s transformed the way workers research, innovate and forecast. However, the rise of generative AI has forced organizations to explore the benefits and drawbacks of a new technology. It has also compelled these businesses to consider how best to use it as the pace of innovation, competition, and modern work intensifies.

AI has powered chatbots for decades, but the spread of specific machine learning algorithms, large language models, neural network architectures and simple user interfaces over the past 10 years has enabled anyone with a computer to generate high-quality images, videos, text, and even computer code in just seconds. In benevolent hands, GenAI has been beneficial to those looking for ways to improve their life or simply get things done more efficiently. In not-so-innocent hands, it’s sewn chaos through the proliferation of false information or digitally forged deepfakes that entice people to make decisions based on fabricated content or digital hallucinations. And in the grand scheme of things, we’re just getting started.

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