Unveiling AI Level Productivity

Unleash the Power of AI with Dell’s Intelligent PCs 

Maximize Productivity with Built-in AI Capabilities 

  • Experience up to 38% less power consumption for AI-enhanced video calls 
  • Accelerate data analysis by 14% with MATLAB on Dell’s AI-powered PCs 
  • Boost video editing performance by 2.3x with Adobe Premiere Pro 
  • Enhance security with AI-driven malware detection using minimal resources 

Seamless AI-Powered Collaboration 

  • Stay focused with AI suggestions from Copilot in Windows 
  • Enjoy optimized performance with Dell Optimizer’s AI-based adaptivity 
  • Leverage AI accessibility features like Voice Access sign-in 

Smarter Meetings with AI Enhancements 

  • AI-powered object removal from images and screenshots 
  • Intelligent Audio for reduced background noise 
  • Video auto-framing and eye contact with AI eye tracking 

Robust Security Foundation 

  • Built-in defenses against evolving cyber threats 
  • Hardware-software AI integration for proactive attack prevention 
  • Data privacy with on-device processing and no cloud transmission 

Accelerate Your AI Journey with Dell APEX 
Cut support costs by 30% and reduce help desk effort by 50% 

Discover How to Integrate AI: www.Dell.com/ai 

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