email marketing campaign strategies

Digital marketing, since it started gaining traction in recent years, has become one of the most novel ways services and products are marketed worldwide. From app notifications to social media- almost every arm of interactive media available to organizations has been used to its full potential by marketing experts. One such arm- Email marketing- is a major factor that has led businesses to the peak of their success with strategized copywriting that caught the eye of their target audiences. 

But how do you access these awe-inspiring email marketing success strategies that can help maximize email engagement and put your marketing efforts on the map? 

Here are 9 irresistible email copywriting tips that can help- 

  1. Hyper-personalization: In a time where customers crave genuine connections, personalizing the emails sent out to clients can be the thing that makes or breaks the campaign performance. No one likes to read generic mails that have nothing exciting to say to the clients and holds age old information that will probably get sent to spam by the end of the first paragraph.  
    Try your best to personalize mails to cater to your audience’s behaviors, likes, dislikes, and needs to get the best out of your campaigns. Emails that are tailored to specific needs and pain points addressed by the clients, or targeted mails exploring topics relevant to clients according to their behavior and demographics may help you seal the deal! 
  1. Catchy subject-line: Before they open the mail to read its contents, the first glimpse of what a marketing email may carry is reflected in its subject line. You could write the most interesting and well-developed mail body, but if your subject line isn’t eye catching, you best believe that it’s going to either get ignored or shot into the bin. 
  1. Mobile friendliness: Everyone in the present technologically advanced times carries their pocket PCs, better known as mobiles, around with them everywhere from restrooms to offices and keeping that factor in mind is very essential when optimizing marketing outreach campaigns. 46% of all emails are opened on phones. An email on a full-sized laptop or PC is less likely to be checked as often as the email app on a phone, so keeping your targeted mails mobile friendly helps boost your outreach by a lot. 
  1. Follow-ups: More often than not, it so happens that good, even great emails may be forgotten over time and lose their momentum by the end of the campaign. Or in many cases, they may just get ignored or overlooked with no cause. One way you can overcome this issue is by sending follow-up emails to clients and letting them know in several different intriguing ways what you’re offering. This creates a good chance of the client being reminded of their interest in your product or service and showing genuine interest! 
  1. Automation: Automated email sequences that are prompted by certain activities (such as sign-ups or purchases) help to nurture leads, increase engagement, and customize the customer journey. They save time, distribute relevant material at the appropriate time, and turn leads into committed clients. 
  2. Abandoned cart emails: We earlier addressed the need for follow-up emails and how they can significantly boost your click through rates if they catch the attention of your prospects. Similarly, what if leads, after clicking through your emails, exploring through your websites and checking out your product or services leave right before purchasing is complete, leaving items in the checkout cart? Well abandoned cart emails come to your aid in such situations. They work in a manner that is analogous to follow-ups but give you a more personal touch to add to it, nudging the prospective leads to go through with the purchasing process. Some studies even suggest that about 45% of such abandoned cart emails are opened by recipients with almost half of them completing the purchase cycle.
  3. Keep a crisp CTA: Many businesses drone on and on about their qualities and specifications in their email marketing campaigns, but after all that boasting, fail to deliver the appropriate call to action that compels leads to give in to your outreach efforts and take the conversation to the next level. A crisp and to-the-point CTA greatly helps in sealing the deal with respect to your email marketing outreach campaigns.
  4. Seasonal mailing: To fulfil end to end lead generation and nurturing, you need to leverage every facet that can give you the excuse to reach out to leads with new excitement without it feeling like a bulk sent spam email. Take full advantage of the changes in seasons or festivals to add to your outreach efforts and if possible, choose to add offers and discounts that may further entice your audience to show interest in your business specifications and give you a shot at building a lasting relationship with your lead.
  5. Segmented emails: Once your KPIs are determined and the campaign strategy is pretty much set in place, you need to determine what kind of emails go out to which prospects or leads, ensuring that even though the approach remains unchanged, the way that different leads are reached out to differs in perspective. The emails could be prospecting emails sent to newer prospects wherein you send first emails introducing your business and its specifications before following through with different touchpoints. They could also be lead nurturing emails trigger sent to clients depending on how they interact with previous touchpoints or drip campaign emails, which differ from the former in the sense that they are triggered by time and not by user behavior.

There are innumerable kinds of email marketing campaigns businesses can undertake depending on the volume of leads they need to reach out to and nurture. You can choose the right approach to your campaigns and witness soaring numbers in lead generation that can boost your business operations significantly.

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