Guide to Account Based Experience marketing in 2024

Consider using the greatest resources and a laser-focused strategy, but nevertheless managing to catch whales rather than salmon. Doesn’t that sound like too much work for the wrong results? Enter Account-Based Marketing (ABM), the hidden weapon for building lasting connections with high-value clients. 

This guide unlocks the intricacies of ABM and its successor ABX, allowing you to reject generic strategies and become the ruler of B2B marketing.

Beyond Leads – The ABCs of ABM Magic

Forget the spray-and-pray techniques of the past. ABM flips the script by treating each target account as a “market of one.” Here is the lowdown:

ABM evolved in 2004 by ITSMA as a reaction to complicated B2B purchasing journeys and the demand for more tailored marketing. Today, 86% of B2B firms utilize or intend to employ ABM according to a Forrester report. And updated with time and evolution over years, a new phase of ABM marketing is in play- ABX (Account based experience)- the hybrid approach in B2B marketing.

Traditional lead-based marketing struggles to thrive in the dynamic B2B environment. ABM as well as ABX cut through the clutter, resulting in improved ROI and deeper customer connections. However, the benefits extend beyond money. ABM can also:

  • Increase client lifetime value: Deeper ties result in higher loyalty and repeat business.
  • Improve brand perception: Personalized involvement builds trust and credibility, boosting your business’s image.
  • Increase sales efficiency: Focusing on qualified accounts simplifies the sales process and increases win rates.

The Evolving ABM Landscape

The world of ABM is dynamic, so buckle up! Here are some popular ABM  trends to follow:

Account Selection:

In addition to firmographics, use intent data and psychographics to find accounts that are actively seeking the solutions you provide. Tools such as Bombora and Demandbase provide intent data solutions that assist you in identifying accounts who are actively investigating particular keywords and subjects connected to your product.

Omnichannel Engagement:

Create seamless experiences across online, offline, and virtual channels to keep your brand front of mind. This might include targeted social media marketing, direct mail campaigns, tailored email outreach, or even one-of-a-kind event experiences for key decision-makers.

Technological Advancements:

AI-powered solutions help to customize information, automate processes, and assess program efficacy more precisely. Terminus and Demandbase are two platforms that use AI to personalize content, score accounts, and optimize campaigns.

ABM Measurement:

Transcend superficial metrics and adopt a multidimensional strategy that considers pipeline effect, client lifetime value, and ROI. Consider metrics like sales pipeline velocity, average deal size, customer turnover, and return on marketing investment (ROMI).

The Growth of Account-Based Orchestration (ABO):

This growing technique elevates ABM to the next level by coordinating marketing and sales efforts throughout the customer experience. Consider it as directing a symphony, with all instruments (marketing, sales, and customer success) working in perfect harmony to acquire and maintain high-value clients.

Get creative with these engagement ideas:

Personalized Video Messages:

Record a CEO discussing the target account’s particular difficulties while displaying genuine interest. Platforms such as Vidyard and Bombora provide tools for generating and distributing tailored video messages at scale.

Chase interactive ideas:

Create unique quizzes, evaluations, or calculators that give useful insights about the account’s sector or function. Tools such as Leadquiz and Typeform provide interactive content production options.

Virtual Events:

Organize unique webinars or seminars based on your target accounts’ individual requirements and interests. Platforms such as ON24 and Hopin provide virtual event hosting options.


Use competition and rewards to engage decision-makers and enhance campaign participation. Platforms such as Bunchball and Axonify provide gamification solutions for employee training and consumer engagement.

Partner Integration:

Work with industry partners or influencers that have clout with your target audience. This might include co-hosting events, developing collaborative material, or using partner networks for outreach.

Expert Hacks for ABM Success

Here are some battle-tested tips for ABM mastery:

  1. Align Sales and Marketing: Silos are ABM killers. Facilitate collaboration and establish a consistent buyer journey across departments. To guarantee that sales and marketing are on the same page, hold frequent meetings, share information, and define common goals.
  1. Begin Small and Scale: Start with a moderate amount of accounts (3-5) and fine-tune your strategy before growing. This enables you to try new techniques, learn from setbacks, and optimize your program for success before expanding to a bigger audience.
  1. Personalization is Key: Move beyond names and titles. Deeply grasp each individual’s motives, difficulties, and purchasing process inside the target account. Conduct extensive research, use social media listening tools, and develop buyer personas that provide a clear image of your ideal decision-makers.
  1. Measure and adapt: Monitor performance, analyze data, and continually improve your campaigns to get better outcomes. Use marketing automation tools with advanced analytics to monitor critical KPIs like website visits, engagement rates, and lead creation. A/B test alternative messaging, channels, and content formats to find what works best for your target demographic.
  1. Embrace Continuous Learning: The ABM landscape is always shifting. Stay current on emerging trends, technology, and best practices. To keep on top of the game, subscribe to industry publications, attend industry events, and network with other ABM professionals. Consider obtaining professional credentials, such as the ITSMA’s Certified Account-Based Marketer (CAM), to demonstrate your knowledge and dedication to the area.
  1. Think Beyond Technology: While technology is important, don’t overlook the value of personal interaction. Develop connections with key decision-makers in your target accounts through customized outreach, thought leadership material, and even handwritten letters. Remember that ABM is ultimately about developing connections, not simply running campaigns.
  1. Celebrate Success: Recognize and thank your team members for their efforts to the ABM program. Highlighting successful initiatives, sharing good client feedback, and providing rewards may increase morale and drive your staff.

ABM isn’t a miracle cure, but it is an effective weapon in your B2B marketing armory. Understanding the key ideas, embracing innovation, and constantly learning will help you unleash the potential of Account Based Marketing and form genuine interactions with dream accounts. Remember that the path to B2B marketing expertise is continual. Continue exploring, experimenting, and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries!

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