Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

Don’t we all dread those days when we have to wait on hold for hours on end just to get through to customer service to address our issues. Searching endlessly through product catalogues, confusing menus and drop downs adds just the amount of unbearable to our busy days.

Thanks to the advent of artificial intelligence, those relics of the “pre-AI” marketing era are rapidly becoming a distant memory. The base level of customer expectations in today’s age is personalised experiences. It goes up from there; and AI is the chemical X that helps brands deliver brilliantly!

AI: Superpower of the 21st century

According to a Salesforce report, 80% of customers are more likely to do business with brands that offer personalised experiences. But just addressing a generic email to a customer does not mean personalisation if at all. This is where AI takes the cake on expertise; forecasting needs, creating unique experiences for each customer and making them feel like ultra VIPs.

AI chatbots that not just respond to customer queries but understand the context of their pain points is more what the future sounds like with product recommendations so accurate they seem like you peeked into the customer’s brain. Boosting brand loyalty, building human connections on an emotional level and creating mind-blowing social media campaigns that engage in real-time conversations is only the tip of the iceberg of the magic that AI is action.

AI Solutions with Real Impact-

AI isn’t just a slang in the 21st century, it makes businesses more efficient than ever in providing their services most efficiently. Take your favourite Domino’s for instance- who use AI to optimise the shortest routes to their destinations and help them deliver within their “30 minutes or free” policy!

Another example for people who love their makeup- Sephora’s AI powered virtual tryouts help in engaging more and more customers to try out their favourite shades and hues, driving engagement and sales through the roof! These are just a glimpse of the vast potential of AI to revolutionise customer experience.

Of course, embracing AI requires adapting. Teams need upskilling to learn how to operate AI-powered marketing systems, and the OS needs to navigate through ethical considerations which make necessary steps in the process. In a world where customer relationships make or break a business, enhancing customer experience through AI can be the very saving grace needed.

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