Five Insider Programmatic Advertising Strategies 2024

How often has it happened that in the midst of skipping all those YouTube ads, you come across one that doesn’t have you lunging for the skip button, but see what it holds, grasping your interest bit by bit in an immersive experience?

Seldom, right?

Well, with the power of Creative Programmatic ads, this phenomena won’t be as rare as you’d think! Unleashing the true potential of programmatic advertising with immersive formats, dynamic targeting, and captivating storytelling, Creative Programmatic ads not just engage with your target audience, they boost performance, and be the black swan in a flock of pigeons.

Let’s dive into some unconventional ways to wield the wand of programmatic magic:

1. Immersive Ad Formats:

Interactive elements in advertisements like puzzles, polls, AR experiences that really stick well with the customer base greatly boost the click through rate as compared to traditional static ads, making them incredible engagement magnets!

2.  Geo-Targeted Campaigns:

Think local, act global. Tailor the context of your messages to the locations of the customers, which can be used to offer real time ads and updates about the perfect swim suits for the summer in Miami and also of the awesomely warm winter coats for the projected snowfall in Alberta! This level of personalisation resonates deeply with users.

3.  Seasonal and Event-Based Ads:

Use the latest trends to your advantage and apply their virality to your campaigns that adapt to real-time events like holidays, festivals, even the Olympics or the latest news! According to a report by Accenture, personalised ads that can adapt to real-time events can increase conversion rates by a staggering 80%.

4.  Storytelling through Ad Sequences:

Who doesn’t love engaging storylines? Be it comics, fiction or cinema, we all have our guilty pleasures for a genre and a story. But what if, integrated with these storylines were targeted ads for your needs? Sequences that unfold over time, following a crazy plot that riles you into its captivating story, like a mini series that also gets you access to products and services you long for!

These are just a few of the innumerable ways that creative programmatic strategies can transform and evolve your business operations and make your ads go from annoying interruptions to the talk of the town! Remember, you’re not just advertising – you’re crafting connections, telling stories, and leaving a lasting mark on the digital landscape.

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