AdGlobal360 collaborates with The BlueBeans to power its tech & data solutions

AdGlobal360, a MarTech service provider, has formed a creative and strategic alliance with The Blue Beans to power its tech & data solutions with creative human strategies. The strategic partnership combines the former’s cutting-edge tech and data expertise with the innovative adeptness of TheBlueBeans.

The pact isn’t coincidental; both conglomerates boast of a history of half a decade worth of successful collaborations with joint projects for marquee clients like Rivigo and DTDC proving their exceptional synergy. This history becomes a more concrete foundation for the success of this new and more comprehensive alliance, projecting evolutionary growth and benefits for both parties.

“This is about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in marketing,” said Rakesh Yadav, Founder and CEO of Adglobal360. “By adding The BlueBeans to our family, we’re injecting a much-needed dose of human creativity into our tech-driven offerings. This holistic approach will result in robust, functional marketing strategies that deliver real ROI for our clients.”

Both the companies will reap the fruit of this partnership as the phenomenal existing foothold of Adglobal360 will be strengthened by the compelling brand experiences created by The BlueBeans’ expertise. This joint force wants to reach a large new group of potential clients by providing them with cutting-edge tools and services that they did not previously have access to.

It goes way beyond just an expansive base for clientele. This alliance also acts as a springboard for learning and growth for both giants. “We’re incredibly excited to collaborate with Adglobal360,” shared Nikita Burman, Co-founder of The BlueBeans. “This partnership presents a unique opportunity for our teams to cross-pollinate ideas, leverage each other’s strengths, and become stronger together. Ultimately, we believe this integration will translate into even greater value for our clients.”

Furthering its vision of becoming a dominant force in the Indian MarTech industry, the alliance marks a significant step for AdGlobal360. In a world controlled by data-driven decisions, they realise the irreplaceable role of human touch and creativity in crafting impactful marketing campaigns. This opens a gateway of future opportunities for technology and humanity to seamlessly work hand-in-hand and transform the way brands connect with their audience.

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