GoDaddy launches a suite of AI tools for small businesses

GoDaddy, a renowned domain registrar and web hosting firm, has made news in the small business ecosystem with the debut of Airo, a full suite of AI-powered solutions. This launch marks a huge step toward democratizing access to innovative technologies and enabling small firms to compete in the digital era.  

In terms of the new service, Airo provides a suite of easy tools meant to simplify and improve crucial areas of a small business’s internet presence. Here is a look at Airo’s offerings: 

  • AI-powered domain name suggestions: AI-powered domain name suggestions: By providing a brief description of their company, small business owners may obtain a tailored list of accessible domain names. This simplifies the time-consuming and frequently irritating process of manually looking for an appropriate domain name.  
  • Logo generator: Airo uses AI to develop several visually appealing logo designs depending on the user’s choices. This enables enterprises to develop a professional and distinct brand identity without having graphic design knowledge.  
  • Website building with AI assistance: Airo assists small companies in constructing websites with no technical experience. The platform provides pre-designed templates and walks users through the process, resulting in a visually beautiful and functioning website that highlights their products or services. 
  • Content creation and marketing: Airo uses AI to produce marketing material such as social media postings and web text. This allows small businesses to continually engage their target audience without having to create new material from the start. 

Early results indicate that AI has the potential to improve clients’ revenue generation capabilities. According to GoDaddy, small businesses who used Airo products saw a 28% increase in revenue during a study of new signups conducted in August and September last year. 

This effort is consistent with GoDaddy’s long-standing commitment to aiding small companies on their journey. GoDaddy’s user-friendly AI solutions enable companies to overcome the technological gap and compete effectively online without making big upfront expenditures. 

A recent study also found that 51% of small firms in the United States feel technical developments are critical to their company’s success. Airo meets this demand by delivering accessible and cost-effective AI solutions suited to the needs of small enterprises. 

While Airo’s long-term impact is unknown, its potential for democratizing access to AI technologies and enabling small enterprises is certain. As AI continues to improve, GoDaddy’s strategic partnership with Airo contributes to the growth and success of the small company sector.