Streamline Streaming Ads: Google DV360 Simplifies Buys

Google announced a radical plan to centralize and simplify the purchasing of ads across its platforms and those of its advertisers through its DV360 by portraying the latter as the spearhead of this drive, which will ultimately make the purchasing and managing of streamed ads less complicated.

Google unveiled in their recent NewFronts presentations several updates, aiming to make DV360 handier and simpler to use by advertisers in CTV advertising complicated environments. The ultimate purpose is to develop an all-inclusive and integrated solution which simultaneously provides the marketers the ability to easily run campaigns across all the Google services such as YouTube in addition to other top CTV publishers’ inventory.

“For marketers to maximize their streaming investment, they need to see the whole picture of how their ads are performing across publishers, regardless of deal type,” said Kristen O’Hara, Google VP of agency, platforms and client solutions.

One of the pivotal functionalities added to DV360 is the option of deals customization, which allows ad-buyers to have direct agreement with premier CTV publishers within the platform. This used to be restricted to Advertisers’ own streaming inventory controlled by YouTube, primarily. Now, marketers can negotiate and manage both guaranteed and biddable deals that are spread between different publishers like Disney, NBCUniversal, Paramount, and Warner Bros. Discovery on the DV360 platform.

Such a grouping of video purchases within the DV360 platform has many benefits for marketers. This facilitates better management of scheduling and monitoring and the ability to vary the number of advertisements contingent on the campaign effectiveness. An example provided by Google was its earlier partnership with Danone centered on the food & snack French company which achieved 50% higher KPIs after integrating video in Google DV360.

Faced with the challenge of maximizing user reach across multiple guaranteed/non-guaranteed deals, Google recently introduced a new product that utilizes their artificial intelligence capacities. This tool works using a process of intelligently allocated ad spend to maximize exposure of brand across Google and third-party streaming inventory and follows a frequency cap of the brand. The early trials with Omnicom Media Group (OMG) and their new strategy are showing promising results, with the agency delivering up to three times more impressions to its target audience than it was getting through its previous buying strategy with Google.

“A budget allocation tool that manages direct and biddable buys makes it easier for OMG to bid on more non-guaranteed inventory to add reach and impact to the agency’s buys on behalf of its clients,” said Clare Ritchie, OMG’s SVP and global head of programmatic and in-housing.

Google, through promoting the adoption of its Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation (PAIR) platform for CTV, can emphasize the value of first-party data in the evolving advertising landscape. Using privacy-preserving technology such as the PAIR (Platform for Advertising Innovation and Research) developed by LiveRamp, publishers can align their first-party data allowing for better targeting and measurement.

According to the data provided by LiveRamp, PAIR can target around 11% of the viewer base that has been unreachable using traditional tracking methods with cookies. NBCUniversal and Disney were the first publishers within CTV space to integrate with PAIR and the others will now be joining using the one person data to get more performance and results.

Google plans to take further initiative by making its PAIR model an open-source availability to be collaborated with the IAB Tech Lab to increase its open web standards use among industry players.

In a nutshell, DV360 by Google is an integrated platform for planning and buying stream ads aimed at making this process effortless for marketers. Through unifying campaign administration across multiple providers, incorporating sophisticated targeting tools, as well as adhering to the industry standards, DV360 is designed to alleviate the complicated aspects of CTV campaigns and grant advertisers an opportunity to achieve the best results from streaming investments.

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