Google Launches Google TV Advertising Network

As part of its plan to ride on what is increasingly becoming one of the most significant advertising platforms, connected TV, Google has announced a Google TV advertising network. This platform provides targeted in-stream video ad opportunities across over 125 ‘always-on’ free channels integrated within Google TV, such as popular sports, shows, and movies.

The Google TV advertising network is a crucial move for Google as a tech giant in unleashing the advertising opportunity in the CTV market in which it has been expanding its presence. Indeed, with Chromecast and smart TV deals with manufacturers such as Sony, TCL, and Hisense, Google TV has grown to be one of the most popular streaming platforms within households in the United States.

It has emerged from Google research that 60% of US households now tune into free ad-supported streaming channels and the average time spent is more than 75 minutes on Google TV free channels. This audience appeals to advertisers to advertise their products to the viewers, especially by pre-roll, non-skip, and six-second bumper advertisement types with more advertising types to be included soon.

Google’s new advertisement platform enables advertisers to make ad bookings for Google ads, Display, and video 360 in addition to YouTube. That integration makes it easier for the advertisers to deliver messages to the intended target market placing the power in the hands of Google through its sophisticated advertisement technology and analysis of target market.

“Connected TV viewing continues to rise, with over 150 million people watching YouTube on their TV screens each month,” said a Google spokesperson. “The new Google TV network provides a one-stop shop for advertisers to reach this audience through targeted, in-stream video ads.”

The shift in advertising has been necessary given the emergence of a new advertising frontier with new views that seem to be revolutionizing the industry: Google TV advertising network and traditional linear TV, has continued to lose ground while Connected TV and streaming have continued to gain more grounds. Through an early entry to this market, Google wants to secure its advertising on TV and become a dominant player in the CTV advertising industry.

Google TV network is a rapidly scaling connected TV audience for advertisers through Google’s advanced ad tech, premium inventory, and integrated YouTube buys,” the spokesperson added. “Establishing an early presence allows advertisers to future-proof their TV strategy.”

The increasing level of interest in CTV advertising also postures Google as a major contender in exerting dominance through the introduction of Google TV advertising networks central to google TV. As a result, Google will focus on enabling advertisers to deliver messages across different screens using its technology and data strengths and, at the same time, generate more revenues for its CTV capability.

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