Google’s new AI assistant “help me write”

Taking a new step in its integration of AI into everyday tasks, Google has launched a new AI assistant “Help Me Write” specifically designed for the Chrome web browser. This feature that is currently in experimental stages, and available in English for users in the United States on Macs and Windows PCs, aims to help users in crafting diverse types of written content, from emails and social media posts to online reviews and classified advertisements.

Empowering writers of all levels, “Help Me Write” leverages Google’s AI technology, specifically the Gemini model, to understand the context of the webpage and the user’s intent. This allows the AI to give more relevant suggestions and complete sentences based on information surrounding the user’s initial input of data. “Help Me Write” hopes to provide a helping hand to you whether you’re suffering from writer’s block or just want to improve efficiency in writing.

While traditional grammar checkers focus on correcting errors, “Help Me Write” goes beyond that and aspires to offer more comprehensive assistance. It can:

  • Suggest relevant content: When writing a product review, “Help Me Write” may evaluate the product page and recommend significant aspects to include in your review, making it more useful for future customers.
  • Personalize communication: The AI can provide suggestions for emails and social media posts based on your chosen tone and style, ensuring that your message is received well.
  • Simplify complex topics: When working with technical issues, “Help Me Write” can provide summaries of key information, allowing you to write clear and succinct text.

The launch of “Help Me Write” complements Google Chrome’s recent introduction of other AI-powered projects, such as a generative AI theme generator and a tab organizer. While “Help Me Write” is still limited in scope, it is an important first step toward a future in which AI assistants effortlessly aid users in a variety of online chores.

While the potential benefits of AI-powered writing helpers are clear, worries about biases and restrictions persist. Experts underline the need for transparency and user control in the development and deployment of such AI systems. As Google gathers input and refines its technology, the future of “Help Me Write” and other AI assistants will be determined by their ability to strike a balance between providing useful assistance and adhering to ethical ideals.