Google enhances ad-transparency with performance max shakeup

Tech giant Google has taken steps to significantly enhance transparency and control for advertisers within its expansive Search Partner Network. Its new Performance Max tool will be undergoing a major remodeling phase, empowering advertisers with better ad placement visibility and the ability to optimize their campaigns more effectively. 

About Performance Max and Search Partner Network 

The Performance Max is an AI-powered campaign type that facilitates reach to potential customers for advertisers across Google’s entire range of advertising channels. This encompasses display ads, YouTube videos, Gmail, Search, and its Search Partner Network. The Search Partner Network on the other hand, is a network of third-party websites and platforms that work with Google to display adverts based on user queries. AOL,, and several smaller specialist websites are among the most well-known search partners. 

What’s Changing? 

 Presently, there is no provision of granular breakdowns of placements within the Search Partner Network by Performance Max campaigns. There is a major disconnect for advertisers as they often remain unaware of where their advertisements appear and how they perform on individual sites. 

From Monday, March 4, 2024, Performance Max placements within the Search Partner Network via Google Ads will provide more visibility to advertisers, which will allow greater oversight of the places where their ads are displayed as well as enhanced optimization of their campaigns. 

Thinking Ahead 

Promising improved transparency and control, these changes also allow advertisers to exclude certain sites from displaying their adverts, which was restricted to opting out of entire groups of websites- a less precise approach. Offering more nuanced control, this update is helping advertisers avoid potential brand safety concerns or websites that feel misaligned with their target audience.   

Additionally, Google is also introducing improved features for asset management alongside greater transparency in placements. Included in them are options to bring in creative assets from external sources like Canva, and these changes will direct their focus on enhancing the production of performance-boosting videos. 

Industry Response 

This move by Google has been welcomed by the industry with a largely positive response, with experts and advertisers expressing enthusiasm for the increased oversight and control it is offering. On the back hand, however, they also acknowledge that they would need significant time investment to understand how these changes affect their specific campaigns. 

Broader Perspective 

In addition to their focus on Performance Max, these changes reflect Google’s much broader perspective of commitment to more transparency across its advertising platforms. In more recent years, the corporation has implemented efforts such as ‘About this ad’ menus, which provide users with information about why an ad is presented and who the sponsor is. 

With a significant wave of evolution in Google’s advertising landscape, it is vital that advertisers stay up to date and informed of upgrades to leverage the full potential of the new suite of tools and features. Industry blogs and resources like Google Ads Help Center will also offer great insights and updates for effective campaign management within Performance Max and beyond. 

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