scope3 and snapchat partner for measuring carbon emissions

In a revolutionary step that is sure to change the face of the digital advertising industry, Snap Inc. has partnered with Scope3, a renowned expert in the digital advertising industry decarbonization. The purpose of this partnership is to help advertisers to get all the information about the carbon emissions of the various social ad formats, which will allow them to make more sustainable decisions.

The collaboration signals a major turning point in Scope3’s quest to decarbonize the digital advertising ecosystem. During the last six months, the two companies have made efforts to create the most modern ways of measuring carbon emissions related to the different types of ads on Snapchat. The consequence is the granular and data-driven method that goes way beyond the estimations, and thus, the advertisers get a lot of facts about the environmental impact of their campaigns which is unprecedented.

“We now have a deep understanding about the emissions of our ad business and have the data required to work with brands to create media plans with carbon reduction in mind,” said Nana Wilberforce, Head of Sustainability at Snap. “Partnerships with organizations like Scope3, which have invested in building a comprehensive and granular map of carbon emissions across the ad ecosystem, are vital to establishing a sustainable future for digital advertising.”

Using the Scope3’s hands-on emissions dashboard, the agencies and advertisers can now access the data about the carbon emissions that are associated with the various Snapchat ads such as augmented reality filters, skippable videos, and so on. This encourages them to make the right choices by comparing the carbon footprint and efficiency of different media formats across the platforms, thus, they can modify their media strategies and at the same time, the environmental impact will be minimized.

“If we want to help brands make sustainable choices, they need to know: Is a video worth the carbon?” said Brian O’Kelley, co-founder of Scope3. “It may be that the higher carbon footprint is totally worth it, but if we don’t know the difference between a video and a Story, how can you even have that conversation?”

The joint venture of Snap and Scope3 is proof of the increasing awareness of the digital advertising industry’s environmental damage and the need for real solutions. Through the provision of the advertisers with the detailed, format-specific data, Scope3 aspires to give them a way to make more sustainable choices without hurting their marketing goals or performance metrics.

“Advertisers are empowered to make smarter choices when they know the carbon emissions associated with different ad formats,” said John Osborn, U.S. Director at Ad Net Zero, a climate-focused industry group. “By combining emissions insights with performance insights, advertisers can select ad formats that are the most effective across different company goals—both sales and sustainability.”

With the admission that sustainability is a global concern the world is increasingly discussing, initiatives like the Snap-Scope3 partnership is proof of the automotive industry’s dedication to bringing about positive change in the world. Through the provision of precise data and the insights useful for each of the advertisers, these companies are creating the basis for an eco-friendlier digital advertising environment, where the successful marketing and the environmental conservation can be combined perfectly.

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