X platform simplifies ad set-up with AI targeting for efficient campaigns

In a move to make better and more accessible ad setup processes and the power of AI, X (formerly Twitter) launched a new AI-powered targeted ad setup that streamlines the ad setup process. This innovative agenda strives to streamline the process of starting campaigns for platform users and get the best value for their investments.

The introduction of a new streamlined sales campaign set-up procedure on X removes the need for the traditional manual audience targeting that was in place earlier. Instead of ad service providers selecting placement with publishers, now the burden lies with advertisers to choose their desired conversion event, set daily ad budget, and specify a limited amount of demographic targeting criteria like gender, age, and location.

These parameters help to build a foundation for X’s superior AI systems that later use their “Optimized Targeting” functions to optimize and expand the reach of the campaign. As X puts it, this AI-powered retargeting tool demonstrates the capabilities of AI to extend beyond the principal target audience in case it is possible to get better ROI (Return on Investment).

“Our AI-powered Optimized Targeting feature is activated by default for Sales campaigns,” X explained. “This allows X’s algorithms to reach people beyond your targeted audience when there’s potential to achieve better ROI.”

The company further discussed the remarkable results produced in their beta testing, where they recorded an average rise of 10% in click-through rates and a 16% increase in conversion rates. Specifically, 92% of the advertisers opted to use the Optimized Targeting in the beta test because they were convinced with the results they achieved.

X’s astronomical investment in AI technology has not only been used to fuel its advertising systems but also to develop the chatbot, Grok. Utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, X intends to create strong ad results and to boost the ad experience of all partners involved.

While these technological breakthroughs are noteworthy, X is still encountering hurdles when it comes to securing and retaining advertisers because its owner—Elon Musk—has been known to speak out against a number of contentious issues. Lots of ad partners who previously used the platform started reconsidering their investment in Musk’s platform recently. The reasons for their decision included his polarized views on politics, the motto “freedom of speech not reach” and advertisements that appeared next to offensive or hateful content.

However, X is determined to make its ad system better and to cope with the issues that affect the company’s image in the advertising business. They also launched another enhancement in the cost estimate feature that will generate a range of CPM for an advertisement for Sales campaign.

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