Google releases version 2.6 of Google Ads editor

Tech giant Google has announced the release of an enhanced Google Ads Editor – its well-known application for management of advertising campaigns- version 2.6. This upgrade comes with eight (8) new and promising features and improvements that are designed to enhance and streamline workflows, boost performance management abilities and provide more flexibility to advertisers. 

The support to migration of existing display campaigns to another new services by Google – Performance Max – is the most notable addition to Google Ads Editor 2.6. Thanks to this, advertisers can seamlessly shift their existing display campaigns to use Google’s automated bidding and optimization capabilities across Search, Display, YouTube, Discover, Gmail, and Maps with a single campaign to their full advantage.  

What’s more is that within Performance Max campaigns, the new version helps in enabling the creation and management of experiments, allowing comparison between different campaign performances or diverse settings within the platform. 

The Ads Editor 2.6 adds support for multi-asset responsive video advertisements, extending its video advertising powers. This format lets marketers submit up to five videos, headlines, long headlines, descriptions, and calls to action, and Google will autonomously generate alternative combinations to improve ad performance across multiple locations and demographics. 

The new version of Editor helps in streamlining workflow by providing “Add Responsive Display Ad” suggestion fields and recommendations, saving hours when creating new advertisements. It also introduces support for the Reserve CPM bidding tactic, enabling advertisers to obtain ad inventory at a guaranteed cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) on specific placements within the Display Network. 

Further, Google Ads Editor 2.6 introduced a “Paused by system” column, which improves control and transparency. This service enables marketers to swiftly discover and rectify campaigns or ad groups that have been automatically halted by Google’s algorithms due to possible policy breaches or other concerns. Moreover, Editor 2.6 now displays third-party measurement settings in the user interface, giving advertisers a clear view of their integrated measurement providers and associated settings straight from the platform. 

Available for download for all users of Google Ads, version 2.6 of Google Ads Editor underscores the company’s commitment to evolve and improve user experience and empower marketers with efficient solutions and tools to manage their Ad campaigns across multiple objectives and formats. 

While Google has not officially revealed any other planned capabilities, executives and industry experts anticipate further enhancements centered on automation, AI-powered insights, and interaction with other marketing platforms within the Google Marketing Platform suite. As user input and industry norms change, Google Ads Editor is expected to play an important role in assisting businesses of all sizes maximize their return on investment from Google Ads campaigns. 

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